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Look: Search engine optimization Hyun Jin is trapped in a mysterious love triangle with Kim Dong Wook and Yoon Park in a brand new therapeutic drama

tvN’s new drama starring Seo Hyun Jin and Kim Dong Wook has released a new teaser and main poster!

“You Are My Spring” is a new love drama about a group of people who live in a building where a murder previously took place. Even though they are all full grown adults, they still walk through their lives with their seven year old selves in their hearts.

Seo Hyun Jin will play Kang Da Jung, a hotel concierge manager who moves into the building for a fresh start, while Kim Dong Wook stars as Joo Young Do, a psychiatrist who is talented at treating others with emotional wounds help but unable to heal its own. Yoon Park will play Chae Joon, who one day enters Kang Da Jung’s life and seems to understand her perfectly.

On June 24th, tvN unveiled the main poster for “You Are My Spring”. It shows Seo Hyun Jin and Kim Dong Wook happily lying on the grass together and perfectly conveys the healing energy that the drama will bring to viewers. Even their neutral outfits are coordinated and the two close their eyes to enjoy the bright spring sun.

The caption reads in hashtags: “Active healing romance”, “From adult children”, “Interfloor romance”, “From the woman above and the man below”.

Commented Producer Hwa and Dam Pictures, “With the main poster by Seo Hyun Jin and Kim Dong Wook, we wanted people who currently lead hard and exhausting lives to feel comfortable and warm while watching them. Please keep an eye out for ‘You Are My Spring’ which comes out this July and will caress your scars with its calming and lingering emotions. “

tvN also released a preview for episode one. The clip begins with a young Kang Da Jung introducing herself. Joo Young Do later comments: “Kang Da Jung knows that she is pretty.”

Chae Joon seems to be telling Kang Da Jung, “You can go out with me. Make a date with me. “She remembers on the phone with someone else:”[They] said the words I like best. “While experiencing complicated emotions for both Joo Young Do and Chae Joon, she struggles with the last incident she went through as a seven year old. She comments, “How many times have I shaken my seven-year-old self, who is probably just wanting to be put to sleep?”

Joo Young Do confidently says to Kang Da Jung, “Don’t date this man,” as he and Chae Joon have a tense confrontation. Chae Joon asks: “Do you like Kang Da Jung? Because I do. “Joo Young Do comes to a terrifying realization, while Kang Da Jung comments with tears in his eyes:” This person was nowhere. “

“You Are My Spring” premieres on July 5th at 9pm KST. Check out the full preview below!

In the meantime, see Seo Hyun Jin in “Dr. Romantic “downstairs!

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