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Meals Supply SaaS Deliverect expands to Australia

Deliverect, the European scale-up that helps restaurants optimize orders from third-party grocery delivery and online ordering services, today made its arrival in Australia with the appointment of Jeremy Van Dille. announced [featured image] as General Manager of the company for Australia and New Zealand, based in Sydney.

Deliverect, a software platform that connects restaurant POS and kitchens with delivery services, already has 1,500 Australian food service locations as customers; These include Outback Steakhouse, Red Rooster, Hungry Jacks, Fishbowl, and Pretzel restaurants, as well as grocery delivery partners like Uber Eats, Doordash, Menulog, and Deliveroo. With the addition of a dedicated Australian team that is set to grow to 50 in 2022, the company plans to significantly expand its presence in the local restaurant industry.

“Getting in and out of COVID lockdowns has fundamentally changed the way people eat and drink, and restaurants have had to adapt as demand for grocery delivery services reaches new heights,” said Jeremy Van Dille, the new general manager by Deliverect ANZ.

“There are currently around 65,000 restaurant locations delivering groceries across the country. Most adapted during the pandemic to serve existing customers and reach new customers. These restaurants came to us because the complexity of dealing with numerous delivery partners makes managing online sales channels difficult. For family owned restaurants, large chains, and FMCG brands, the priority is making sure diners are getting the best food in the shortest possible time. They strive to ensure operations that minimize disruptions that affect the customer experience. We give them an easy way to manage and expand online orders with ease. Our challenge is to get Deliverect’s Australian operations up and running quickly to meet this demand. “

Deliverect, a subscription-based SaaS solution, can be integrated directly into the POS systems of restaurants and automates the incoming online order flow through a single point – the staff no longer has to monitor multiple devices and manually enter orders into their existing system, which Personnel is drastically reduced, workload and the likelihood of errors. When a delivery or take-away order arrives from an Uber Eats, Doordash, Menulog or Deliveroo, Deliverect intercepts the order, processes it and forwards it straight to the kitchen. Globally, Deliverect processes 1.5 million orders each week and supports more than 100 integrations with major POS and delivery partners, with hundreds more in the pipeline.

Outback Steakhouse has locations in NSW and Queensland and has been using Deliverect for over a year. Christopher Noble, Group Chief Marketing Officer of the restaurant chain: “Our partnership with Deliverect has fundamentally changed the way we optimize our delivery processes and has allowed us to focus more on the experience of our guests. In a constantly changing world, Deliverect has helped us stay on the cutting edge of technology. “

In April, Deliverect raised $ 65 million in a Series C funding round, bringing total fundraising to more than $ 90 million since inception in September 2018, nearly 750 percent), an estimated contract value of more than $ 1 billion .

“Building on our success in Europe, this year’s expansion into new markets such as Australia, the United Arab Emirates and Mexico marks an important milestone for Deliverect. Since our early days we have worked hard to create a strong ecosystem of hospitality customers, POS and delivery partners and we look forward to building new relationships in Australia, ”said Zhong Xu, CEO of Deliverect.

“Australia has a very demanding food industry, especially when we look at QR code menu acceptance and restaurant ordering. We expect the convenience and efficiency of ordering groceries online will result in consumer demand continuing to thrive.

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