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For Gary Jensen, much of his decision to run for the South Surrey-White Rock House of Representatives for the People’s Party of Canada had to do with freedom – freedom of expression, freedom of medical decision-making, and freedom of gun possession, to name a few.

CONTINUE READING: All candidate meetings in the Surrey area are scheduled in person and virtually

After all, on September 20, he wants to be able to choose his conscience while giving others more choices in choosing their conscience.

The South Surrey resident said he didn’t think it was possible if the only boxes on the ballot were for the three major political parties, so he threw his hat in the ring.

“I’ve supported the Conservative Party for the longest time. I just felt … since Trudeau was elected, they’ve kind of moved away from conservatism. It’s kind of conservative-easy, ”explained the married father of one person.

“I just had the feeling that none of the parties represented my views.”

The People’s Party of Canada (PPC) platform “largely coincides with how I feel about the freedom and state of our country, where things are going,” he said.

The party was founded by Maxime Bernier in 2018 after losing the Conservative leadership race to Andrew Scheer. His platform in this election will focus on 17 key issues including COVID Policy, Health Care, Freedom of Expression, Indigenous Issues and Firearms.

For Jensen, freedom of expression is high on the list.

“Sometimes people get fired just because they tweeted something years ago or got someone’s pronoun wrong. It’s gotten so divisive, ”he said.

“I have a feeling that the government shouldn’t be the ones blocking this. If someone is clearly an idiot, we as a society have the power to prevent that from happening. You don’t need a mom-and-pop government. “

Freedom also plays a role in COVID policy, he noted, citing the recent announcement of vaccine passports, which will be required for access to various venues from September 13th.

“The government should not force or force people to make medical decisions based on scientific decisions that are not necessarily 100 percent proven,” he said.

“People need to be able to make these medical decisions for themselves.”

Jensen, who works as a concept artist for a mobile phone game studio in Vancouver, also deals with gun control legislation. Jensen, himself a gun owner, said the government is targeting law-abiding citizens and “ignoring the real problem, which is the gangs, the drugs.”

“Two million people have (legally) guns. We’re all pretty good citizens usually, ”he said. “The government that is taking away firearms is just another form of control.”

Other issues high on Jensen’s list of reasons to be involved are addressing the country’s deficit; Lower capital gains tax; and support for “real capitalism” as opposed to “cumpanism”.

He said another appeal from the PPC was the freedom of its representatives to speak without their comments being pre-examined by higher levels; a problem, he says, is not the case in top-down parties.

“Maxime isn’t hanging over my shoulder,” he said. “I don’t want (my MP) to have an overlord.”

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