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Meet the search engine optimization content material writing company with a aptitude for a narrative

By combining big data with journalistic experience, SGContent helps its customers position their brands in search engine results and drive high quality traffic to their websites.

Marketing know-how meets big data strategy

The new global SEO content writing agency is making waves with its unique process that combines data-driven research and journalistic flair. Not only does the content reach the top spots in organic search results, it is clear, concise and strategic – it speaks to the audience from the first word.

The content agency creates everything from website texts to blog posts, everything optimized with a data-driven SEO strategy, target market research and editorial know-how from more than 15 years of journalism.

The agency combines this journalistic experience with marketing know-how and the big data possibilities of well-founded SEO research in order to produce online content that interests customers and answers their questions.

The importance of good SEO content

More than 90 percent of web content doesn’t get traffic from Google, which is a big missed opportunity for companies looking to build their brand awareness online and sell their services. Optimized content is key that sets that other 9 percent apart from the rest, and helps businesses dominate organic search results and enjoy the free, high-quality traffic that others are missing out on.

Many companies spend time and money building beautiful websites without making their content searchable, which means they won’t reach the audience they need to get a return on investment in the form of new leads and customers.

And getting consumers to a website is only half the battle. Once they arrive, it only takes 50 milliseconds for people to form an opinion and decide whether to stick to a page or to jump off. So companies need great content that will grab readers’ attention.

High quality, organic SEO content also offers a remedy for the modern attention span. It captures the target customer and makes sure they’re engaged enough to stay. When done by an expert, a good SEO content strategy will help brands gain visibility, outperform competitors, and convert more leads without spending a fortune.

The importance of SGContent

SGContent is solely focused on helping customers connect with their consumers in order to drive more sales. Today’s consumers want to buy from brands they love, and 74 percent develop that loyalty by engaging with a brand’s online content.

SGContent doesn’t pepper content irregularly with keywords. It researches target groups, extracts big data for insights and trends, and then creates a strong SEO keyword strategy.

Solutions focus on long-term growth that builds on itself to ensure maximum ROI and cost efficiency so customers don’t have to rely on expensive advertising to drive traffic.

And the agency’s unique combination of marketing, journalism and SEO enables customers to use the thought process of their consumers and to target them in a targeted manner.

It’s a chance to grow sales, build relationships, and turn visitors into loyal customers with a bespoke approach to SEO content.

Content Marketing Services That Convert

SGContent was created by combining editorial and marketing expertise with data research to help brands better understand and connect with what their target audience is looking for.

It’s an agency that gets real results by combining data and journalism to create content that works hard for brands. From website content to blog post strategies, SGContent has everything you need to exceed business goals such as:

• Increase in exposure

• Increase in sales

• Improving consumer connections

• Building long-term relationships

• Position brands as an authority

Request a tailor-made SEO content strategy

Further information can be found at https://www.sgcontent.co

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