Methods to Harness the Energy of Branding Phrases in Your PPC Endeavors


Your brand defines your company and sets you apart from the competition. Building a brand takes money, time, and effort. After the brand is established, you need to learn to use and use it to your advantage.

Assets like slogans, brands, and logos all have value. However, in SEM (Search Engine Marketing), your brand has more tangible value in the form of the search terms you use.

An effective way to generate more traffic and promote your website in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) lists is to use branded search terms. Here’s why you should consider branded PPC campaigns.

Generate easier conversions

A brand term is as “bottom-of-the-funnel” as it gets with PPC. People looking for your name are likely to be existing customers or people familiar with the service or product you are offering. As a result, they are closer to converting. You can increase the likelihood of a deal by sending customers to a landing page that converts better than just a simple homepage.

Stop losing traffic to your competition

If your competitors are smart or a smart PPC agency is working on their behalf, they are already bidding on your name. This means that even if you appear at the top organically, you won’t be number one in the SERPs. The click rate for first place in Google search results is impressive – even compared to second place. If you lose your first place, you may lose a lot of traffic. When multiple companies bid on your name, the numbers get worse.

Change and customize your message

Organic entries are not written like PPC ads. Typically they lack strong call to action (CTAs), timely messages, and are often out of date because they are not changed often due to their SEO impact. When you advertise by name, you have the option to change your messages, calls-to-action, and promotions as needed.

Branded keywords are cheaper

If the above doesn’t convince you to participate in branded campaigns while creating PPC ads, think about it. Branded keywords are usually the best converting and cheapest option you can get. You get all of the above for a fraction of the cost per click you would spend on other, more popular keywords. If you can set aside a few hundred dollars a month for your branding campaign, you will get a significant ROI.

Now is the time to get involved in branded PPC campaigns

When it comes to improving your PPC campaigns, getting more clicks and more conversions, branded keywords make sense. Try this strategy out to see what kind of results you can generate.

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