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Microsoft launches its Google Analytics killer instrument


Microsoft recently announced the general availability of the Clarity web analytics tool. Microsoft Clarity is a free-to-use analytics product that website managers can use to improve their website experience by better understanding website visitors’ behavior.

According to the developers at the tech giant, with Clarity they created a suite of tools that help people who manage websites make more informed decisions about the changes they should make to their websites.

Clarity is an open source user behavior analysis tool that helps you understand how users interact with your website through features like replay sessions and heat maps. The tool shows which parts of a website are most and least engaged, and provides an invaluable interface for debugging.

Clarity gives you the tools to help you make informed decisions about changes to your website based on real evidence. Also, you can do this in a way that helps respect your users’ privacy and data security.

According to the Microsoft Clarity team, the tool has the following features:

1 | Designed to be easy to use and easy on your website

The developers designed it to be easy to use for developers and non-developers alike. Clarity has very little impact on page load times to ensure that users navigating to a site don’t have to wait for pages to load.

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2 | See what your users click on using heatmaps

Clarity offers several key features including heat maps and session replay, and an Insights dashboard. Heat maps provide a visual way to examine a large number of user interactions. They come in two forms: clickmaps and scrollmaps.

3 | Align your expectations with observations with the session replay

With the filter mechanism that you can use to cut recordings, you can define in great detail which recordings should be selected. The developers used machine learning to discover patterns in session records such as “angry clicks”, “dead clicks” and “excessive scrolling”.

4 | Use the Insights dashboard to see how your website is performing

Clarity provides a dashboard with aggregated metrics that gives you a comprehensive view of the traffic on your website. You can see how many users clicked nonexistent links or how many people scrolled a page for something they couldn’t easily find.

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