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My 5 greatest know-how podcasts


Podcasts have grown in popularity in recent years and have become ubiquitous in society.

There has been a sharp increase in podcast content available, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, as we have adapted to the proliferation of digital content consumption. From technology to soccer, fashion to gardening, there’s a podcast on absolutely every topic you can think of. As an avid podcast listener, I heard different topics every day. My personal podcast library has a variety of subscriptions that I choose based on my mood or activity. Technology and engineering podcasts in particular piqued my interest, gave me consistent training and kept me up to date on the world of STEM. Here are five of my favorite tech podcasts.


running time: 45-60 min

Wired‘is a podcast that started in 2010 and is hosted by Wired magazine publisher James Temperton. This podcast covers everything to do with technology, science, business and culture. As technology continues to transform our daily lives, this podcast discusses the impact it has on us and the way we have adapted our lives to rely so heavily on it. Although I’ve been listening to this podcast for a number of years, I personally found its content on Coronavirus interesting and informative. They covered topics like the impact of the pandemic on startups, how to use the contact tracing app, and the science behind Covid-19 with regular updates on the science.

Members can benefit from this podcast as it is a great way to keep up with the latest technology, business, and science news. They contain a lot of interesting facts and have a good range of topics. Episodes are released every Friday.

99% invisible

running time: 20-40 min

99% invisible‘also started in 2010, started as a small radio show and has now grown to over 400 million downloads. This show is produced and hosted by Roman Mars who is also the co-founder of Radiotopia. The name of this podcast is derived from a quote from American architect Richard Buckminster Fuller who said, “Ninety-nine percent of you are invisible and inviolable.” This podcast draws our attention to the invisible and unnoticed architecture and design that have shaped our world. It’s a very difficult decision, but two of my favorite episodes are episode 311 which discusses the evolution of design in basketball uniforms and episode 332 and tells the story of a secret room that a group of artists found in a mall.

This podcast is a great way to expand your knowledge of the evolution of design including the everyday products we consume. It offers us hidden gems in architecture that we might want to visit one day. There are many interesting historical stories and anecdotes.

The engineering collective

running time: 30-60 min

In 2019 the New Civil Engineers (NCE) created the podcast ‘The engineering collective‘Discuss the future of engineering. This podcast informs listeners about how technology affects our daily lives. The show is hosted by NCE Editor Mark Hansford and NCE Assistant Editor Alexandra Wynne. Important topics are addressed that can appeal to different target groups. It is relevant to both engineers and non-engineers as it gives us a glimpse of what the future might look like and how important it is for engineers to intervene. As engineers, we can get an idea of ​​what our professional roles might look like in the future and what we need to look out for in order to continue to run and maintain cities. Among the topics covered that I found interesting were updates to the Heathrow Airport expansion project and the future of the rail industry.

This podcast is a great way to keep up with the latest on civil engineering matters. It’s also a great way to train new and young engineers who are looking to build careers as it helps provide perspective on what the future of civil engineering might be like.

The Engineering Careers Coach

running time: 20-50 min

The Engineering Careers Coach The podcast began in 2013 and is presented by the founder of the Engineering Management Institute, Anthony Fasano. This podcast won the Top Career Podcast in 2019 and covered very important topics, including women in STEM grappling with professional challenges, how to network as an introverted engineer, tips and tricks on getting the right attitude and so on much more. Many episodes feature special guests such as engineering graduates, qualified engineers, engineering offices and more. The show is helpful for engineers at all levels, whether you are just starting your career or a skilled engineer with years of experience. There are tips and tricks that can help us all.

This podcast is a great way to understand what engineering really is and to hear personal experiences from skilled engineers. There is a lot to learn and tips to learn if you are looking to expand your career. The show addresses key issues related to diversity and inclusion that many people may struggle with in their engineering careers.

Impulse to innovation

running time: 30-60 min

Impulse to innovation is the ImechE podcast. I may seem biased, of course, but after working closely on this podcast, I can personally vouch for its informative and interesting content. Our host Dr. Helen Meese is a member of the institution with many years of knowledge and experience as an engineer. She spends a lot of time interviewing special guests and experts from a wide variety of backgrounds and even had the chance to greet Robert Llewellyn from the popular ‘Full Charged’ show where they discussed everything related to electric vehicles. The podcast started in August 2020 and so far has covered important topics like energy and sustainability, healthcare, electric vehicles and more! This podcast also includes Young Member Takeover, where our young members discuss issues affecting new engineers, such as the impact of the global pandemic.

This podcast offers great content and information for engineers from all industries. It’s a great way to gain member engagement and reach the outside world through content and guests. The show is pretty new and has big plans for 2021, so keep up to date with IMechE’s social media channels! The episodes are published every first Monday of the month.

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