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New Audioburst platform brings podcasts to each app

PALO ALTO, California, March 31, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Audioburst, the audio search and delivery platform, today announced the launch of its Apps Platform, the world’s first podcast feed for mobile apps. It provides incremental, recurring revenue to thousands of app developers looking to increase app monetization, and provides consumers with personalized, up-to-date audio in their favorite apps.

“Our mission at Audioburst is to nurture the entire podcast ecosystem, make content accessible to users, while also helping writers and publishers,” he said Amir Hirsh, Co-Founder and CEO of Audioburst. “With this new product launch, we’re taking another step toward that goal. We’re bringing a wealth of content to users in their favorite apps, helping podcasts reach new audiences, and driving engagement and monetization of mobile apps.”

Podcasts have gone mainstream in the last year, and over 100 million Americans listen regularly. The Audioburst platform for apps is taking advantage of this monumental shift in consumer behavior – away from visual content on screens and towards audio content – to overlay podcasts, talk radio and more into apps that are currently not delivering audio content.

From travel and navigation apps to casual games, fitness, music, shopping, and more, adding audio is the perfect companion layer for apps that want to drive user engagement and retention. For apps that want to introduce audio for the first time via the SDK, an appealing audio player is available, while apps with an existing player can integrate content via the API.

The ability to provide audio-hungry consumers with the content they want has led Zen Labs Fitness, the publisher of one of the world’s most popular and top-rated running apps, C25K®, to Audioburst.

“The Audioburst solution is a great fit for our running community,” he said Bradley Duong, Co-Founder at Zen Labs Fitness. “Our users are already out there trying to improve their physical wellbeing. Adding a dynamic feed of informative and entertaining podcast highlights will help our runners on their journey to self-improvement. We expect this innovative solution to encourage user engagement and significantly increases our commitment. ” Revenues.”

In addition, Perfect365, the Augmented Reality Beauty platform, which has won the Webby Award, integrates Audioburst’s beauty playlist into its app to enrich the user experience.

“Ever since we launched Perfect365, our priority has been to continuously integrate the best technology to serve our 100 million users,” he said Vincent Hsu, VP Business Development for Perfect365. “With Audioburst, our audiences now have the added benefit of audio. Plus, our users don’t have to leave the Perfect365 app to get relevant and up-to-date beauty tips from the hottest beauty podcasts.”

Audioburst’s AI technology listens, analyzes, and indexes hundreds of millions of minutes of audio content, including podcasts, radio, and more. This customizable content source is broken down into short audio clips – or “bursts” – that are then grouped into playlists. Users enjoy a recommended stream of content based on trending topics, previous behaviors, and defined areas of interest. The content is updated 24/7 from thousands of sources and optimized through Audioburst’s patent-pending technology so that each experience can be personalized.

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Audioburst, the platform for searching and providing audio data, makes audio content accessible to users whenever and wherever they want. With a powerful suite of APIs and SDK solutions, app developers, web publishers, automotive companies and device manufacturers can access the world’s largest indexed library of audio content for fresh conversations. Adding a layer of informative, fun and inspiring audio content streams in a nutshell increases the user experience and offers new monetization opportunities to Audioburst partners like Hyundai, Samsung and Flipboard. Visit audioburst.com for more information.

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