ONLINE: Data is energy! website positioning Key phrase Analysis – Isthmus


Press Release: Ranking for the right keywords is easier than you think – but you may be ranking for the wrong words and you don’t even know it. Regardless of your type of business, attracting the right people is important.

I will analyze a few examples during this event. Then you will have the opportunity to share your business website with me and I’ll go over how your website is stacking up, what right or wrong keywords you are currently ranking for, and lastly for me I will show you some keywords that you are using of pages / blogs on your website.

Sarah Wu has been a certified speech pathologist for 15 years. During this time she built two websites, one of which focused on school food reform and led to the publication of the book Fed Up With Lunch in 2011. In 2014, she built a presence in speech therapy with her The Speech is Beautiful blog founded Bilingual Speech Therapy Resources LLC in 2018, including a membership and three online courses.

To help companies navigate their online environment, Sarah founded her agency Cloud Line Digital in 2021. She works with local and online businesses to build a targeted online presence through SEO analysis, email list growth and marketing, and SEO optimized website content creation.