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Peakboy reveals BTS singer V, Park Web optimization-joon, Choi Woo-shik and Park Hyung-sik’s reactions to Gyopo Coiffure – Unique

Peakboy recently spoiled Wooga Squad fans with an unusual music video by Gyopo Hairstyle. The song, released in July, featured four of his closest friends – BTS singers V, Park Seo-joon, Choi Woo-shik, and Park Hyung-sik – in unprecedented avatars. While fans showered the video with love, Peakboy revealed that his friends also supported the idea of ​​the music video.

“The first time I let my friends listen to the music, they all liked it so much that they were happy to agree to appear on the music video. After the music video was released, they gave positive feedback that they enjoyed it very much, ”he told Hindustan Times.

In the video, Choi Woo-shik plays the role of a photographer, while Park Hyung-sik is also a customer of a grocery store where Peakboy works. Park Seo-joon plays the role of a talk show production manager, BTS singer V adapts to play a stylish server.

The song, said Peakboy, was inspired by his own hairstyle. However, the concept of the music video was suggested by the music video director. “It was the idea that the music video director first suggested during a meeting, and since then many of the characters in the music video have been created through meetings,” he said.

Although the video was bright and colorful, Peakboy revealed that the weather was playing a spoilsport. “On the first day of shooting the music video, the weather wasn’t so good. I had to shoot outside, but it suddenly rained. But as soon as we started filming the rain stopped immediately, but when the filming was over it rained heavily again. Everyone said the weather seemed to be helping and filming ended happily, ”he said.

Ask him what inspired him to create the song in the first place.

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“I think the best inspiration for me comes from myself. As I work, I go through a lot of trial and error and in the end the topic that comes up at the end is nothing special, but it has everything to do with me. Gyopo Hairstyle is also a song that was created while changing hairstyle, which is deeply connected to my daily life, ”he added.

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