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Podcast choice: adjustments with Annie MacManus, Digging Deep, We Can Be Heroes

Annie MacManus, the broadcaster, DJ, and now best-selling author better known as Annie Mac, is back with a miniseries of her critically acclaimed podcast that tied each of the four episodes to themes from her book Mother Mother.

Described as a powerful coming-of-age novel and intimate family study, the book tells the story of 35-year-old Mary McConnell, who lived in the same house all her life and never left Belfast. Her mother died when Mary was a baby, and with her own child, soon to be 18, Mary itches to see more of the world and suddenly takes off.

As her son tries to find her, he begins to understand what brought her to this point. The book asks, If you spend your life giving everything to loved ones, do you risk getting lost along the way?

The regular podcast “Changes …” is about how we confront, deal with and react to seismic changes in our lives and talk to people – famous and not famous – who have gone through such a time.

This miniseries features open conversations with four authors on the four specific themes of the novel – the missing person crisis, single motherhood, living with grief, and the transition from childhood to man. The participating authors are Francisco Garcia, Sophie Heawood, Nikesh Shukla and Ciaran Thapar.

Annie said, “I tinkered with this book for a long time, lived with it, dreamed of it, possessed it, and now I look back at it. The whole ordeal of creating it was one of the biggest changes in my life. I wanted to underline this by speaking to other people who have written books – to hear their advice and lessons they learned along the way and the monumental changes that writing a book represents. “

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We can be heroes

This is a new 12 part series of interviews with people who broke barriers or were judged differently just to become a success and inspire others.

It will be hosted by Glyn Fussell, who has been dubbed the king of British nightlife and an LGBTQ + icon. Guests include skunk anansie singer Skin, curve model Felicity Hayward, comedian Rosie Jones and cricketer Ebony Rainford Brent.

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Dig deep

Music legend Robert Plant is known for his eclectic taste in music and for diving in and out of genres throughout his storied career, and this series is about that theme.

The fourth series has now been released and contains six new episodes with music from guests such as Scott Matthews, Chrissie Hynde, Afro Celt Sound System and the longtime collaborator of the former Led Zeppelin singer Alison Krauss.

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