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Podcast Choice: Broadcasts, Learn All About It, and Girl’s Hour

Transfers (Spotify, Apple)

To call this oral tradition final by two of Britain’s most popular pop groups raises eyebrows.

After all, what else was left to say about Joy Division and New Order that wasn’t said in 24 Hour Party People, a heady riot of a movie about the Manchester music scene, starring Steve Coogan as the chic but lovable Factory Records Svengali Is Tony Wilson hilarious?

Or Control, the poignant biopic of singer Ian Curtis? Or even Joy Division, a documentary that was released with great success in 2007? Oh, and founding members Peter Hook, Bernard Sumner, and Stephen Morris have all published memoirs since then.

So it’s best to bring something new to the table. Fortunately, Transmissions delivers. It’s such a compelling story that fans will love to hear it again. Most importantly, new interviews reveal new insights. Hook, Sumner, Morris and Gillian Gilbert all hit the record, as did celebrity fans Bono, Anna Calvi, Damon Albarn, Johnny Marr, Shaun Ryder and more.

In short, it all started when guitarist Sumner placed an ad in a local record store: “Band is looking for singers”. Joy Division would release two classic albums before Curtis suicide. Instead of quitting, the remaining three regrouped, immersed themselves in dance music, recruited Gilbert, and were more critically recognized as the New Order.

Each 40-minute episode narrated by Maxine Peake and produced by Cup & Nuzzle focuses on key moments in the JD / NO timeline, from the Joy Division’s early rehearsals to the start of the Hacienda nightclub.

Unfortunately, the series ends pretty abruptly after the release of Blue Monday in 1983, at which point New Order had barely started. We hope a second season is coming up.

Read all about it (Apple)

Paul Cuddihy interviews guests about their favorite readings.

It’s a simple but attractive format, a bit like Desert Island Discs for book lovers. One guest per episode is asked to select four favorites and one less popular book.
Past guests include Booker Prize winner Douglas Stuart, Scabby Queen writer Kirsten Innes, and thriller writer Louise Welsh.

Women’s hour (apple)

With the excellent Emma Barnett, now the host of the longtime Radio 4 magazine show, it’s time to add her to your subscribed list.

Last week’s highlights include an interview with Clemency Burton-Hill about recovery from a brain hemorrhage, the real story of Wonder Woman, and a report from the front of the intensive care unit in Covid.

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