Podcasts: Celebrating Sisterhood earlier than Worldwide Girls’s Day


Tomorrow is International Women’s Day, so this column celebrates Sisterhood. And before “angry” men start sending out faux-indignant tweets … International Men’s Day is November 19th. But that was already in your diaries, wasn’t it?

From Ballincollig, Cork, to shine Samantha Barry, the magazine’s editor-in-chief in New York, also hosts Condé Nast She makes money movements Podcast. So far this year there have been no new episodes – and the final series is all about beauty and is commanded by Glamour’s sister magazine Curls – But for the most part, you will find targeted financial advice to make your income work harder and fairer: how to invest; Navigating through work and parenting; work as a freelancer; Manage student loans; the gender pay gap; the tax consequences of a divorce and the eternal mystery of getting rich or pursuing a career that you enjoy. As a US-produced show, it is US-based content and context. However, most of the topics are universal.

There is an element of preachinging to the writer-converted advocate of women’s podcasts for women. In contrast, The gender knotThe slogan – “try to get men and women to get along” – is a klaxon for peace, love and understanding in some of the most gender-sensitive issues of our time: pornography, consent, blaming victims, vulnerability and emotional work. Co-hosts Nastaran Tavakoli-Far and Daniel Carroll invite mixed-sex guests to discuss gnarled topics, the outcomes of which are generally more civilized than your average Dáil debate.

In 2017 talented young photoJournalist Eliza Hatch launched The Cheer up Luv Podcast, a series of portraits and interviews of women sexually molested in public spaces in London and later in New York, Tokyo and Sri Lanka. A traumatic topic, but with the optimistic intention of empowering victims to speak out and unite against a normalized problem. Hatch’s project naturally evolved into a podcast of the same name launched last year that invited activists, artists, and entrepreneurs to discuss real-world experiences submitted by listeners and discussed through their own lenses. Firebrand guests include trans activist Charlie Craggs, Gina Martin, who campaigned – and managed – to make upskirting illegal in the UK, and Valentina Milanova, founder of DAYE, a sustainable products brand. Yes, the central theme is somber, but Hatch’s light touch makes for an ultimately edifying series.

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