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Podcasts of the week: imprisoned fishermen and royal sagas

The friend who introduced me to the Radio Garden app said it could recreate the experience of “sitting in traffic in an Uzbek taxi,” said James Marriott in The Times. It hadn’t occurred to me that this was something I might have missed, “but after I downloaded the app I get what it means”. Radio Garden’s user interface is an image of a satellite globe covered in green dots, each of which represents a local radio station. Place your finger on one of these points and, depending on where in the world it is, you will be set straight to East African pop. classical music from Germany; or Pro-Donald Trump Talk Radio from Central America. Radio Garden is easy to use and “perfectly delivers something of the strangeness of foreign holidays that has been missing in our lives for a year”.

“I always feel weird saying that I enjoyed a real crime show,” like I was enjoying “a brief vacation in the misery of other people,” Miranda Sawyer told The Observer. But I really enjoyed Freshwater – a five-part miniseries about the Freshwater Five, a group of lobster fishermen from the Isle of Wight convicted of cocaine smuggling in 2011. Although almost all of the evidence was against the five pieces of evidence, they were all convicted and sentenced to 104 years in prison. You have always insisted on being innocent, and now, ten years later, a verdict is pending on your appeal. This suspenseful series, filmed by The Guardian’s Today in Focus and hosted by “excellent” reporter Anushka Asthana, does nothing to convince you that you are innocent. it is only “checked whether they could be”. It is a “fascinating and devastating story for the male families”.

From the sleek drama of The Crown to the latest twists and turns in the Harry and Meghan sagas, you’d think, “we’re all royally obsessed,” Jake Helm told the London Evening Standard. Fans of the award-winning Netflix show can enjoy the Crown: The Official Podcast, where Edith Bowman delves into each episode and interviews the makers and stars. Harry and Meghan’s sympathizers can listen to them promote “compassion and kindness” on their Archewell audio pod. And there are any number of audible podcasts that provide updates on the latest royal stories and gossip. Make your choice at The Royal Rota (with ITV Royal Correspondent Chris Ship). Pod Save the Queen (from the Daily Mirror equivalent); Palace Intrigue (one daily five-minute capsule); and finally HeirHeads by the self-described “royal skeptics” Meadhbh McGrath and Tom Godfrey, who “examine the importance of royals without taking them all so seriously”.

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