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PPC Angus Macpherson: Previous stations “not appropriate for police functions”

Police and Crime Commissioner Angus Macpherson said Wiltshire’s disused police stations were “not suitable for police use”.

Wiltshire Police announced in 2017 that they would close and sell ten underutilized police stations, including Wilton, Alderbury and Amesbury stations, to be unloaded by 2021.

Since the closure of Wilton Road Police Station in Salisbury in June 2014, there have been two detention centers in the county, one in Swindon and one in Melksham.

The brochure

“These divestments are important”

Mr Macpherson said he had “always been clear” that police stations would not close until an appropriate alternative was agreed.

He said, “By working extensively with local authorities and councilors, we have provided local community locations for police stations at various touchdown points such as Calne Leisure Center, Malmesbury Libraries and Westbury to continue serving the needs of the company and community police fulfill.

“The locations for sale have been known for a number of years and are not suitable for police use due to operational requirements and the recommendations of the Wiltshire Police Chief Constable.”

He says reducing the overall cost of police assets frees up money to reinvest in facility improvement and “ensures that frontline workers have what they need to protect communities and function effectively for years to come” .

He says recent investments in the property “include a full renovation of the Royal Wootton Basset Station, worth £ 600,000 last year; a new police center in the Tidworth Community Civic Center, of which we have a third of the total £ 7 million and full bring in. ” Renovation work on a new police station in Warminster is expected to be completed by May this year and is expected to require an investment of over £ 1.5million. ”

Some had criticized the decision after the publication of the brochure, accusing Mr. Macpherson of dumping the stations “at the dawn of his term of office”.

Mr. Macpherson says it does not and that: “The sale of these locations is early in the process and will likely not be near the disposal point by the end of my tenure.

“However, these divestitures are important to our medium-term financial strategy and to ensure that the property is suitable to support policing in the 21st century.”

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