PPC candidate apologizes for being requested to kill Trudeau – in some way


It could be the most insincere excuse in political history.

Popular Party candidate and pot-backer Mark Emery was beaten up on Twitter Monday night after saying Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should be hung and his body on display in the street.

Emery made the comment when Trudeau was showered with gravel by a protester in Ottawa.

“He’s a hideous leader. He deserves a much worse fate. I think of Mussolini, ”tweeted Emery.

Mussolini and henchmen hung out on the streets of Milan

Benito Mussolini was the fascist leader of Italy during World War II. Together with his lover, he tried to flee to Switzerland after the end of the war, but was captured and executed by partisans. The bodies of Mussolini and his lover were then taken to Milan, where they were hung upside down at a gas station to publicly confirm their deaths.

Emery’s call for assassination sparked anger on social media. It came as the Canadian election campaign heated up. In the past few days, during Trudeau’s election campaign stops, angry protesters have blocked his bus and showered it with profanity.

Last night, NDP Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole and Jagmeet Singh both condemned the gravel throwing incident.

Political commentator Warren Kinsella said he alerted the RCMP about the Emery tweet.

“PPC candidate who claims Justin Trudeau deserves to be murdered. I sent it to the @rcmpgrcpolice. Maybe they are doing something. #cdnpoli “tweeted Kinsella.

PPC leader Maxime Bernier also condemned the pebble throwing, but the known attacks against him have not been reported by the mainstream media.

“Last week someone hit me with an egg. I note that none of the other party leaders have made a statement. Some idiot pelted Mr. Trudeau with pebbles yesterday. I judge it. Words are our weapons. But physical violence is ALWAYS wrong, “tweeted Bernier on Tuesday.

“I also note that no journalist appears to have asked the other leaders to comment on this aggression against me, but some are asking ME to comment on the Pebble incident. As usual, fair and balanced reporting … “

Late Monday night, Emery, um, apologized and said he removed the tweet at Bernier’s request.

“At the request of my guide, I apologize for comparing our noble and honorable Prime Minister with Mussolini. Certainly this paragon of @ liberal_party virtue cannot be compared with a revised dictatorship of the past. Just vote on it. Every believer wants that, ”tweeted Emery.

Emery runs in London North-Center where he is currently helping his brother run a cannabis shop.

The riding is currently being conducted by two-time winner Peter Fragiskatos, a Liberal.

In 1980, Emery ran as a Libertarian in the same town.

Since then he has led various unsuccessful election campaigns.

Emery moved to Vancouver in March 1994 and started Hemp BC, a store selling cannabis paraphernalia such as bongs and pipes, the sale of which was illegal in Canada at the time. In early 1995 he founded Cannabis Canada Magazine.

In 2000 he was a founding member of the Marijuana Party of Canada. Emery ran for the Canadian House of Commons as a candidate for the Marijuana Party in the 2000 general election. In 2001 he helped found the British Columbia Marijuana Party (BCMP).

He has been repeatedly charged, fined and detained for breaking laws on both sides of the 49th parallel.

In 2004 he was jailed in Saskatchewan for three months for assault. In 2005 he was charged with drug and money laundering offenses in the United States and made a plea for a five-year prison sentence. That deal failed and he served in drug distribution for five years.

In 2017 he was arrested in Toronto for another drug offense and served two years on probation.

In January 2019, he was accused of sexual harassment by several women.

Dave Naylor is the Western Standard’s news editor