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PPC candidate vies for CPC seat in Provencher

He’s not vaccinated, wants to admit it, and now the resident of the Ile des Chenes says he will fight for the freedom of the residents until they elect him to office.

Noel Gautron is the second candidate to represent the People’s Party of Canada for Provencher riding, with PPC candidates now in all 14 of Manitoba’s federal equestrian groups for the upcoming elections.

Founded in 2018 by former cabinet minister and Conservative leadership candidate Maxime Bernier, the party is still in its infancy solving voter problems that they say the Conservatives stood by but didn’t react, such as immigration and taxation.

Gautron is a truck driver by profession and was born and raised in the Provencher area. In the 2019 federal election, Gautron parachuted into Elmwood-Transcona to represent the PPC party after losing the nomination for then-candidate Wayne Sturby in Provencher. Gautron stayed behind on election night against incumbent Daniel Blaikie.

In July, Gautron was re-elected to the Provencher riding to represent the area for the People’s Party. As the party’s provincial coordinator, Gautron says it was Bernier’s bravery that attracted him to the party and its platform.

“There are many grassroots members looking for a particular policy, and just because of the way the Conservative Party leads itself to its constitutionality and how it elects its leaders, it never ultimately becomes the vast majority of its grassroots to serve.” he says. Gautron noted that he noticed most of the overlap in the PPC membership base with former New Democrats supporters.

Since its inception, the PPC has put its principals at the top of the party’s mandate, and with COVID-19 at the center of the electorate, Gautron says the party’s agenda of prescribing freedom of choice rather than vaccines or masks is favorable to voters Area.

“In general, most of the politics will go along with the people,” he said.

When asked about the impact of lockdowns on the welfare of Canadians, Gautron said a PPC government with higher rates of suicides and overdoses would reduce the number of cross-border immigrants, which would ultimately combat inflated housing prices and job shortages. Gautron distills many of the mental health problems that young men have caused with the influx of immigrants in recent years.

“People need a meaningful existence … these circumstances seem to take that away from them.”

To protest public health bans and orders placed by the Pandemic Party leader, Bernier held a series of rallies in Manitoba in June with stops at Provencher riding. After attending two rallies, one in Niverville and the other in St. Pierre, Bernier was arrested and charged with violating the province’s public health rules. At that time, every person entering Manitoba was instructed to self-isolate for 14 days.

Gautron said the arrest helped rather than hindered the party’s goals.

“People in general are just excited that no one took any notice of their suffering,” he said of the reason local residents came to the rallies. In his speeches on June 11, Bernier promised to

While some would classify the PPC party as “anti-COVID” or “anti-mask”, Gautron claims that it is not, only “for freedom of choice”. He said his decision not to get vaccinated came not from a disdain for vaccines but from his decision not to get vaccinated until further research is done, calling it “a fairly new technology”.

“The whole reason I’m giving is not that I agree that we have to disclose our vaccination status. The reason I disclose it is that we need to be able to say things more widely in our political circles. If if there is this fear of adopting this stance, be it my position on vaccines or otherwise, then again we will not communicate effectively. ”

Provencher incumbent Falk has yet to reveal his vaccination status, although Gautron says it doesn’t necessarily harm his political platform. Relying on the media and established political parties has made vaccination status a political issue.

Gautron said that while Falk represents the Provencher members “well”, he had problems with the larger party structure; He says the PPC must exist to level the political playing field.

“If you have these three parties to the left of center, you will have a continuous tie to the left. Whatever the center-right party, we have to target swing voters, somebody ties the right flank, “he said.

Gautron also says he will address gun legislation and work to cut compensation payments, giving GST points back to Manitoba, which he believes will result in an additional $ 200 million in the province’s pocket.

As for his constituents, Gautron said rising national debt and abortion are their top priorities.

“If your freedoms are important to you, now is the time to vote for them.”

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