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PROFILE: Simcoe-Grey PPC candidate fights for much less authorities

Freedom of choice and frustration with government spending led Adam Minatel to run for a seat in parliament

Nationalism and a desire for less government brought Adam Minatel to the People’s Party of Canada, and nearly two years of pandemic restrictions helped him run for the local MP.

“I just want the election, I am against nothing,” said Minatel, the Simcoe-Gray PPC candidate in the federal elections on September 20th. “I run because I really want to have my freedom of choice back. I want to live my life without government interference. I run so that my children have the same freedom as they did two years ago. ”

The 33-year-old father of three lives in Tottenham. He is married to a nurse and works both as a master electrician and as a trainer for motor control for the Joint Training Council.

He joined the PPC as a member two years ago because he said the party’s platform was in line with his own beliefs.

“There is no conservative party other than the PPC,” he said. “If you want your freedoms, if you really want Canada back, we are the only party that brings that.”

Minatel campaigns against government mandates and vaccination certificates.

“No more mandates,” he said. “No masking requirement for my children if I don’t want them to wear a mask… I don’t want them to be forced to have a vaccine that they don’t need. It is my decision, I want to convey my values ​​to them and explain to them what is going on and what it is. ”

Minatel said he is not against vaccines but calls himself an election supporter.

“I want our country to be free to choose,” he said. “If it is the wrong decision, we pay the consequences, but no more coercion.”

He said he wanted the choice of entering a store without wearing a mask.

“It’s money and it’s freedom, that’s what I stand for,” said Minatel.

Local PPC candidate is frustrated with government spending.

“I don’t want the government to spend my money abroad,” he said. “I’m a nationalist and I believe Canada helps Canadians first before they spend money overseas.”

He said the free market should dictate the economy and current government spending should contribute to inflation, which is destroying the Canadian dollar.

“I don’t like that the media is extremely biased and government-paid and that they only get money from the federal government on a weekly and monthly basis, and that destroys free enterprise,” Minatel said. “There is no reason why we have to keep spending money. Allow the free market, the free people, to dictate the economy. “

The PPC was founded by Maxime Bernier in 2018 after he left the Conservative Party of Canada.

No PPC candidates were elected in the 2019 federal election, but that didn’t deter Minatel.

“It seems like it’s structured so that people don’t think we’re going to win, so they don’t choose us because we can’t win. But that’s not true. We have a lot of support, ”said Minatel. “Everyone who goes in – Trudeau, O’Toole – is all the same. We are the only ones who are different. ”

Minatel is one of six candidates running for Simcoe Gray riding in the federal elections.

The other five candidates include Terry Dowdall (Conservative), Ken Stouffer (Christian Heritage Party), Lucas Gillies (NDP), Nick Clayton (Greens) and Bren Munro (Liberal).

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The general election will take place on September 20th, the preliminary vote will start in the week of September 10th

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