Launches Low Code Information Engineering SaaS Platform for Spark with $ 6M Funding – Press Launch


The platform combines the visual drag-and-drop development of data pipelines with agile software development practices

PALO ALTO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 24, 2021 / Low-code products are enjoying increasing popularity given the severe shortage of qualified engineers. They democratize and accelerate the development of software products from applications to websites.

Today announces the launch of the new SaaS version of its unique low-code data engineering platform, the only solution designed for the data practitioner. Prophecy helps companies accelerate the development and delivery of data pipelines so that massive inbound data streams can be prepared for analysis and machine learning.

With a $ 6 million investment from SignalFire and an investment from Ross Mason, founder of Mulesoft (acquired by Salesforce for $ 6.5 billion in 2018), Prophecy already has several Fortune 500 customers for its enterprise product .

“With Prophecy SaaS, even small teams and organizations can be incredibly productive. For the first time ever, they don’t have to spend time coding and assembling open source technologies, but instead can focus on creating business value quickly,” he told Raj Bains, CEO, Prophecy.

Prophecy delivers a unique interoperable two-way product, meaning changes made in the visual drag and drop editor are visible in the code editor and vice versa. It combines visual drag and drop development with agile software practices, including code on Git, testing, continuous integration, and deployment to production. Prophecy also provides column-level lineage, which allows users to track any value from the source systems to final analysis.

The new SaaS product is free for up to three users. While the enterprise product works with all major Spark distributions in multiple clouds and locally, the SaaS version will initially be launched on Databricks (AWS, Azure and GCP clouds) and later extended to other Spark providers.

Prophecy offers a smart solution to the long-standing problem of the lack of available talent for Spark coders. The code generated is all based on Spark (for batch and streaming dataflows) and Airflow (for scheduling), which avoids blocking proprietary formats. With its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, any data practitioner can use Prophecy to quickly develop and deploy data pipelines.

When companies move to the cloud and rely on open source technologies like Apache Spark and Apache Airflow, Prophecy gives those companies access to a much larger pool of data practitioners who can now be successful with these technologies through a simple visual interface. Prophecy creates high quality code that gives visual developers parity with coders.

Ross Mason of Dig Ventures commented, “As companies of all sizes adjust to managing increasingly complex data from across the range of operating systems (such as credit card statements, ERP systems, airline bookings, IoT) in the cloud, Prophecy is helping accelerate the digital Transform these companies. Prophecy’s unique low-code approach enables companies to thrive with their current workforce. “

Prophecy Features:

  • Visual or code development of Spark workflows
  • Test development including unit and data quality tests
  • Agile practices – Git integration, CI, CD
  • Scheduling – Run workflows in production
  • Governance including column-level descent
  • Conversion of older ETL products into Spark code

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About is the only low-code data engineering platform. Prophecy democratizes the development and delivery of high quality data pipelines and uniquely combines visual development with best practices for agile software engineering. The developed code is open source and is aimed at Apache Spark & ‚Äč‚ÄčApache Airflow. Prophecy is headquartered in Silicon Valley. More information is available at

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