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Rejoice Satisfaction Month with these books, podcasts, films, and TV reveals | BU at the moment

June is LGBTQ + Pride Month, and this year, to celebrate its diversity and inclusivity, BU Today has compiled a list of podcasts, books, TV shows, and films that showcase LGBTQ + culture and achievements. Fiction, history, documentaries, comedies – we have something for everyone. Would you like to buy a book on our list? Consider buying it from an LGBTQ-owned bookstore.


YouTube personality and activist Kat Blaque is known for her no-nonsense, straight to the point videos discussing her life as a black, polyamorous transgender woman. In May, she moved her True Tea video series, discussing gender, race, sexuality, and more, to a podcast format. True Tea explores topics such as the nature of privilege, the complexities of sexuality and gender, and more. During her “call-in” episodes, she invites special guests such as YouTubers and author Lindsay Ellis to discuss past episodes and to express her point of view on the podcast host’s opinions.

Sam Collins is a transgender YouTuber who publishes videos and podcast episodes about gender, sexuality, anti-masking, and more. On OutSpoken, he celebrates the LGBT + community while exposing and making fun of transphobic, homophobic and misogynistic people online. OutSpoken brings a down-to-earth perspective on identity and humor.

Dungeons and Dragons fans will love this quirky fantasy adventure podcast starring YouTube personality Sarah Z and her friends. Embark on an adventure of magic, danger, and study halls as four friends try to find their way through Wildcliff, the school of the arcane.


In this urban feel-good fantasy that was named one of the best science fiction and fantasy books of 2020 by Amazon, Linus Baker is a 40-year-old clerk in the Department of Magical Youth (DICOMY), where he does the good – To be of magical children in government-approved orphanages. When Linus is hired by Extremely Upper Management at DICOMY to take on the secret job of overseeing the Marsyas Island Orphanage, he thinks it will be like any other job, but he soon discovers that the orphanage is home to six dangerous magical children , all under the care of the enigmatic Arthur Parnassas. But when Linus meets the children and Arthur gets closer, he has to choose between his career and his heart. Klune is the Lambda Literary Award-winning author of Into This River I Drown.

Celebrity golfer Jordan Baker, one of the characters from the Fitzgerald book, takes center stage in this reinterpretation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Here, Jordan was adopted by a wealthy American couple from their native Vietnam. As a queer Asian, she has to learn to navigate the New York elite, which she treats as an exotic attraction. Something else that sets them apart from their peers? Your ability to temporarily bring paper silhouettes to life. Jay Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan, and Nick Carroway are all here, but it’s Jordan you will remember long after you’ve finished this fascinating story.

In this contemporary YA debut, Ben De Backer becomes homeless after being outed as non-binary to her parents and then kicked out of the house. They have no choice but to move in with their estranged older sister and husband. Shaken by her parents’ rejection and the need to start a new school, Ben finds solace in the friendship of her classmate Nathan Allan. Soon their relationship begins to transform into something much deeper.

In the second book of Cole’s Runaway Royals franchise (don’t worry, the books can be read out of order), Makeda Hicks is still staggering because she lost her job and her girlfriend in one fell swoop, and she definitely doesn’t have time to share her stories Grandmother to hear about her hot love affair with a runaway prince from the fictional kingdom of Ibarania. But then Beznaria Chetschvaliere, an investigator for the World Federation of Monarchies charged with finding the missing heir of Ibarania, falls into Makeda’s life, believing she is the missing heiress and determined to get her to return to Ibarania . Reluctantly, she agrees, and soon finds herself on a journey full of lovable eccentrics, fictitious marriage, and yes, romance.

Transhistory is rarely, if ever, taught in schools, and stories about BIPOC transgender people are even less taught. This non-fiction book examines in depth the history and relationships of black transgender pioneers like Lucy Hicks Anderson and James McHarris. Snorton also discusses the multiple intersections between blackness and transness from the mid-19th century to the present day.

When Rosemary Harper tries to escape her past by signing up as a certified employee on the tiny Wayfarer spaceship, she finds herself part of an eccentric and diverse crew. When the team is offered the job of a lifetime – tunneling wormholes through space to a distant planet – Rosemary must learn to rely on her crew of eccentrics to survive. In doing so, she learns that a family is not always something that was born, but something that can be discovered in the strangest places.

Movie and TV

In this musical dramedy, Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) plays Frank Fisher, a former musician and widower who owns an unsuccessful vinyl store called Red Hook Records. His daughter Sam (Kiersey Clemons) is determined to move to the West Coast to study Premed and spend the summer with her friend. When Frank persuades Sam to come to a jam session with him, she reveals that she wrote a song that the two of them record and mix for an evening. Frank secretly uploads Sam’s song “Hearts Beat Loud” to Spotify and it becomes a hit overnight. Frank tries to convince Sam to start a band with him, but she hesitates because she fears that it will get in the way of her dreams of becoming a doctor, resulting in a rift in their relationship.

This GLAAD Media Award-winning Netflix hit proves that cartoons aren’t just for kids. The animated streaming series is a reboot of the popular animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power from the 1980s and features numerous LGBTQ + characters, including Huntara, voiced by Oscar winner Geena Davis (CFA’79, Hon.’99), and the protagonist of the series, Adora, a soldier of the evil Horde army, who encounters a magical sword that can transform her into the mighty She-Ra. After meeting Princess Glimmer and the friendly archer Bow, Adora decides to use her new powers forever and fight the Horde, which brings her into conflict with her best friend and comrade of the Horde, Catra. Will love prevail? Will Evil Be Defeated? Tune in to find out.

In this 1999 satirical comedy, Megan, a stereotypical all-American cheerleader (victoriously played by Natasha Lyonne), is sent to a conversion camp after her parents, friends, and boyfriend suspect she is a lesbian. Initially, Megan tries to follow the program to get straight, but she falls in love with Graham (played by Clea DuVall), another girl in the program. But I’m a Cheerleader is an underrated classic that mixes satire, comedy, and romance with thoughtful criticism of gender achievement, homophobia, and intolerance.

The six-part documentary by FX (currently available on Hulu) follows the struggle for queer rights over six decades. Starting with McCarthyism in the 1950s that ended the careers of many talented LGBTQ people, and ending with the increased acceptance of people in the LGBT + community, each episode covers both well-known events in the struggle for LGBTQ rights – the Stonewall Riots and the AIDS crisis – and activists like Christine Jorgenson, Madeleine Tress and Bayard Rustin, whose contributions to the movement have largely been forgotten.

This popular Emmy-winning comedy series tells the story of the wealthy Rose family, whose members are suddenly completely broke after their manager embezzles their fortune. Your only material good? The down-to-earth town of Schitt’s Creek, which may be a bit too down-to-earth for you. The family is trying to adjust, hoping to leave once their fortunes are restored. However, things start to change when they start to build a life for themselves in Schitt’s Creek. The show features LGBTQ + people, including son David, played by co-creator Dan Levy, who won Emmys as an actor and writer for his work on the series.

Fans of Becky Albertalli’s hit contemporary YA novel Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda and the book-to-movie adaptation Love, Simon will enjoy this sequel on Hulu. Victor Salazar (Michael Cimino) is a new student at Creekwood High who is struggling to adjust to a new school, deal with his parents’ arguments, and come to terms with his sexuality. To deal with this, he turns to Simon Spier (protagonist of Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda and Love, Simon) for advice.

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