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SaaS Apps Administration Platform Zluri raises $ 2 million

  • Zluri – a company helping US midsize businesses manage the SaaS application stack – announced a $ 2 million seed capital investment. These are the details.

Zluri – a company helping US midsize businesses manage the SaaS application stack – announced a $ 2 million startup investment from Endiya Partners and Kalaari Capital. The funding will help expand sales, marketing and engineering capabilities, and build integrations and workflow automation without code for SaaS applications.

The company’s easy-to-implement solution helps companies of all sizes manage their ever-growing subscription-based software stack. Founded by Sethu Meenakshisundaram, Ritish Reddy and Chaithanya Yambari, Zluri was born from the challenges the founding team experienced firsthand. And today, third-party SaaS solutions used by businesses don’t follow the systems or processes to manage them, resulting in hidden dollar leaks, sub-par utilization, and widespread software duplication.

As SaaS spend per employee is expected to increase in the coming years, the problem that Zluri is trying to solve will grow exponentially. Zluri currently employs ten people and has won some of the leading companies as customers to help them with SaaS application management.

Zluri’s solutions allow companies of all sizes to manage their ever-growing subscription-based software stack, popularly known as the tech stack or SaaS stack. Low barriers to entry and accelerated productivity in the workplace accelerate the transition from local software to SaaS applications.


“Given that we have reached the tipping point in the introduction of SaaS, centralized management and protection of SaaS applications with a high level of automation is a major focus for IT teams in large and medium-sized companies worldwide. We believe that with solid expertise and the necessary skills, Zluri will quickly get out of hand. We are excited to partner with Sethu, Ritish and Chaithanya on Zluri’s journey as the dominant force in SaaS Ops Management. “

– Dr. med. Sateesh Andra, Endiya Partners

“The founders of Zluri have complementary skills and extensive experience in SaaS companies. With SaaS applications spending more than $ 100 billion worldwide, we see SaaS operations management as a huge opportunity. We are excited to partner with Zluri to build a global SaaS business from India. ”

– Vani Kola, MD, Kalaari Capital

“Issues such as overspending, shadow IT, underutilization, duplication, compliance, and security issues have emerged recently due to the SaaS explosion. Zluri’s mission is to help companies accelerate innovation through the software stack they have acquired, but without the problems that come with it. When the world was powered it was considered essential to have a meter. Similarly, with the SaaS apps enabled, Zluri will also become a necessity. “

– Sethu Meenakshisundaram, one of the co-founders of Zluri

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