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SaaS firm Kissflow Inc strikes to WTC Chennai


Global Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company Kissflow Inc. is the first resident of Chennai’s World Trade Center (WTC) through the Brigade Group, which owns the exclusive rights to build and maintain WTCs in South India. The space will house their 350 employees who have adopted their industry-first Remote + Hybrid work model, which they announced last year.

Kissflow CEO Suresh Sambandam said in a press release that earlier this year the company decided to take the opposite path as companies around the world cut their footprint and operations. “We grew into a multi-product company in 2020 and doubled the number of employees. We wanted to offer our employees the best place to work in terms of size, resources and efficiency. We therefore take this move to WTC Chennai as a matter of course. “Next step on our way to bring the best digital work technologies and tools to the world,” he said.