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search engine marketing Qamar Zaman Advertising Grasp Class Episode # 7: This is How

Los Angeles, CA, September 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – One experience most of us can relate to is checking your emails to see that they are full of supposed SEO gurus, that tell you something is wrong with your website and offer you a fix and promise that you will be the number one in Google search results. But logically, not everyone can be at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), and being the top result isn’t always necessary, according to Dallas-based digital marketing expert Qamar Zaman.

In the Marketing Masterclass series for the Mission Matters Podcast, a Los Angeles-based interview-style podcast with over 3000 episodes to date, Zaman shares his knowledge gained from decades of web growth experience. The latest installment explains how businesses can create search engine friendly website content that converts too.

Episode 7: Mission Matters Marketing – Adam Torres & Qamar Zaman

In addition to his membership of the Forbes Agency Council, an invitation-only community of public relations, marketing, creative and advertising executives, Qamar has written for publications such as the Huffington Post and Forbes. Qamar’s digital growth agency, KISS PR, helps an international client base in niches ranging from air filters to family law to commercial real estate build an online presence that actually becomes clients.

“It’s not about how you get first or number one on Google, but how you do a good job so that you always come out on top and not fall,” says Qamar, author of two textbooks on website growth (“THE MYSTERY BEHIND GOOGLE MAPS RANKING: How you can rank your company higher ”and“ Build Google Knowledge Panel with the help of press releases ” [Step by Step Guide]”).

In this podcast episode # 7, Mr. Zaman explains:

  • Ranking on the results pages of the Google search engine (SERPs)
  • This will prevent unnecessary SEO services from being sold
  • The importance of website content
  • Taking into account the consumers of your content
  • Top Content Structure Tips to Rank in Google
  • Dealing with objections and creating “should-questions”
  • Here’s how to do your own keyword research without paying for expensive SEO tools
  • Important mistakes in content to avoid

Listen to the full podcast episode here.


KISS PR is an innovative digital growth company founded in 2003 by Qamar Zaman in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, and is considered an industry leader. Zaman has spent several years building relationships with top influencers in the legal, business, health sciences and technology sectors and continues to help elite law firms and corporations reach new heights. KISS PR enables companies to grow their online presence and save time and money while growing their business. Brands around the world have benefited from this unique storytelling model. KissPR has told over 31,000 stories and we continue to help small businesses make their dreams come true. https://kisspr.com/.

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Mission Matters Business Podcast with Adam Torres. Interviews with executives in a format of 10-15 minutes are published daily. Our podcast is aimed at busy people who are on the go. No fluff. Mission Matters Business with Adam Torres on Apple Podcasts

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  • SEO Qamar Zaman comes back and explains how to write content that will rank on Google in 2021 and now play on Mission Matters

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