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Seven nice Scottish podcasts to take a look at throughout lockdown

1 THE “Scottish Independence Podcast” by Michael Greenwell is a little bang. Michael chats indy with guests from all parties and none and looks at the big topics of the week. This week’s title is an ode to our opponents, a little podcast full of laughs at the funny (and downright stupid) words the British have said over the years. A new podcast is uploaded every week. To listen, please go to www.michaelgreenwell.wordpress.com/category/the-scottish-independence-podcast/

2 If you are a woman living in Scotland you have probably been told to “cheer up, dear”. The podcast “Cheer up luv” is an extension of a campaign launched on Instagram in which presenter Eliza speaks to artists, activists and creative people through stories from listeners about her own experiences with sexual harassment. Challenging Stigmas and Myths That Have Been Here for Years.This podcast is a must-have for anyone who’s past the normalization of cat reputation or just looking for a glimpse into women’s daily struggles. Go to www.podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-cheer-up-luv-podcast/id1530243890

3 ON the Engender is Scotland’s Feminist Politics Podcast, produced by Engender and featuring the voices of experts from across the Scottish women’s sector. The podcast covers issues of equality for women in Scotland, from local democracy to reproductive rights and from the criminal justice system to care reform. This week the discussion will focus on women at risk in the workplace and telemedical abortion services, as well as a feminist view of Covid-19 responses. Access via iTunes or via www.engender.org.uk/content/on-the-engender-podcast/

4th CODE Switch is a podcast that puts frank and candid conversation about racing high on the agenda. In consistently informative and engaging episodes, Code Switch uncovers the intricacies of experiences in marginalized communities and explores a wide variety of topics ranging from Islamophobia to combating immigration. This insightful podcast examines the impact of race on society from politics and history to the media and sports, and invites listeners to educate themselves and join the conversations. Listen over www.podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/code-switch/id1112190608

5 RETIRER for Indy. The gray matter of the Indy movement regularly produces its own podcast with the help of Indylive radio. During the lockdown, the 12 or so retirees for Indy groups didn’t allow themselves to slow down and instead produce podcasts with great content and top songs. This week the chat will focus on “Our Generation – Why It Matters and It Doesn’t”. Tune in via www.indylive.radio/blog/p4indy-podcast-series/.

6th You can spend MANY hours with “A Scottish Podcast”. A Scottish, serialized, modern radio play that chronicles the story of Lee, a stranded ex-radio DJ starting a paranormal investigative podcast supported by his jaded musician buddy Dougie. The couple travel the length and breadth of the country in search of medieval demon kings and Lovecraftian Gods of the Sea. Visit dingy pubs, run-down industrial areas, and dark, out-of-league football fields. Listen on www.scottishpodcast.com

7th The most humble of all podcasts in Scotland is, in my humble opinion, that of our own Lesley Riddoch. Scottish politics has been separated from a leftist, independence-minded stance. Every week Lesley chews on the week’s news with former media presenter and Dundee United fan Pat Joyce. Go to www.lesleyriddoch.com.

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