SoftSwiss: Why search engine marketing is the important thing to reaching new goal teams


In a world where the online casino industry is getting more saturated by the day, it is of paramount importance that operators use search engine optimization to ensure they reach the widest possible audience.

For the second part of his SEO miniseries, Anna Loiko, SoftSwiss product owner of the online casino platform, takes a look at some more SEO tips and tricks with which the solution provider optimally supports its customers.

In the first part, we addressed the reasons why SEO is so important – namely because data has shown that around 90 percent of online experiences start with a search engine, while the top 3 Google search results account for 75 percent of all clicks.

If you don’t land in these top 3 lists, you are missing out on important opportunities to reach new players. But at SoftSwiss, our online casino solution was tailored to the ranking needs of our customers.

SEO text block, robots.txt and 301 redirects

So when looking at your SEO text block, the first thing you need to understand is what exactly it is and why it is so important.

The SEO text block is a block of text content on the pages of your website that is predominantly used by search engines like Google and Bing to analyze the content of your website. This can then be used to increase your website’s visibility, ranking and traffic.

At SoftSwiss, we enable our customers to personalize their SEO text blocks so that they can insert subheadings, create areas for FAQs, and hide text areas to simplify the overall experience. We must also keep in mind that our users can also use this feature to add both internal and external links.

Next on the list are robots.txt files. These tools are used to inform search engines about the best ways to crawl your websites. In simpler terms, robots.txt files provide information about website permissions for bots.

This is mainly used to avoid overloading your site with requests, to define the list of pages to be indexed, to specify the primary mirror site and the path to your sitemap. In addition, without robots.txt, sensitive data that must remain private can appear in search results that can be harmful to your website.

Now we’ve all seen a page that showed a ‘301 redirect’ message once or twice, but what is it? A 301 direct page tells search engines that content has been permanently moved to another URL. Important right?

This can be used, for example, to notify a search engine of a domain name change or a site transfer, to merge site mirrors, to exclude duplicate pages from indexing, and to accumulate traffic from one address to another with higher priority.

When setting up an online casino using the SoftSwiss platform, 301 redirects are configured immediately to prevent duplicates related to www, HTTP / HTTPS, a trailing slash at the end of URLs.

With 301 redirects, keep in mind that it’s worth keeping the link weight on the landing page when a player clicks on affiliate links. Our affiliate management software platform supports the implementation of 301 redirects to the casino, which ultimately helps you improve your SEO.

Optimization of game site and locale management

We’ve covered the basics and now we come to the more advanced techniques we’ll use.

A “must” when it comes to improving your overall website experience and boosting your SEO is optimizing your game pages. In most cases, a game page consists of a game frame and a navigation menu. What a lot of people don’t realize is that game sites have great SEO potential.

If you employ basic SEO practices on your game pages – for example, a meta title, meta description, and headers – you have a lot more options for reaching new traffic streams using low frequency queries.

The SoftSwiss platform allows game sites to add unique H1 tag templates, meta titles and meta descriptions. There are also blocks for adding a text description of the game in different languages ​​that are displayed on the online casino website, which means that a casino owner can place a description anywhere on the game page.

Meanwhile, locale management enables operators to optimize their SEO for different languages ​​and countries. Our platform allows you to hide pages from being indexed until the pages are filled with the required content so that duplicates are not taken into account.

As you can see, using the SoftSwiss online casino platform can help improve SEO, ranking and overall traffic!