Spotify companions with Delta for on-board music and podcasts


Image source: Spotify

The “audio” section of Delta’s in-flight entertainment system is taken from Spotify’s most popular playlists and podcasts.

There are more than 20 million flight-related user-generated playlists on Spotify. Now Spotify hopes to make listening to music and podcasts on airplanes easier than ever. A new partnership between Spotify and Delta brings Spotify audio content to all Delta flights with seat back entertainment systems worldwide.

The content available has been licensed directly from Delta so that all passengers can hear ad-free. Flyers can find music and podcasts in the Audio section of Delta’s in-flight entertainment systems. With a variety of content and regular updates from Spotify, there is something for everyone, including frequent fliers. Spotify’s editorial experts have specially curated versions of their most popular playlists as well as 42 selected podcast series.

Starting today, passengers will find playlists such as Mood Booster, Are & Be, Hot Country, Mint, Today’s Top Hits, Relax & Unwind, RapCaviar and Ultimate Indie. Playlists coming in the October update include Rock This, Roots Rising, and ┬íViva Latino !. Flyers can also find episodes from popular podcasts like Crime Junkie, Science Vs, StartUp, The Dave Chang Show, The Hottest Take, The Journal.

This is great news for music and podcast lovers on Delta flights, but it removes one of Spotify’s best features, its personalization. Backed by a wealth of listening data and algorithms, Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services because of its recommendations for music and shows you will love. Since there appears to be no login system or no data access, the system only offers popular editorial playlists and shows.