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Standard Social gathering of Canada polls: PPC rises in polls and on Google! A risk to the Tories?

Polls of the People’s Party of Canada: PPC

He is projected to receive 3% of the national vote in the weekly polls and 6.3% of the vote in the daily polls. On the other hand, PPC is booming on Google!

Crowdwisdom360 analysis

People’s Party of Canada polls: polls recap, September 6th

Google search data for People’s Party of Canada

A month ago the The People’s Party of Canada accounted for 12% of all searches related to the Liberals, Conservatives, New Democrats and the Bloc

In the past 24 hours, the PPC’s share of all searches related to these 5 parties was a massive 40%.

Remember, Google Share is useful in a directional context

Screenshot 2021 09 07 at 8:32:08 a.m.

Where does PPC do well?

Let’s look at the data for the past 1 week and here are the top 5 provinces (> 10 seats) in terms of performance

  1. Manitoba – 41% stake
  2. Saskatchewan – 40% stake
  3. Alberta – 36% stake
  4. Ontario – 35% stake
  5. BC – 31%

The Conservatives swept Alberta and Saskatchewan in 2019. The Tories won 50% of the seats in Manitoba and will be injured if the PPC can translate that surge in search into votes. The Tories will underperform in both BC and Ontario if the PPC converts Google searches to votes.

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People's Party of Canada polls: PPC is growing in polls and on Google!  A threat to the Tories?

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