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Study why companies are utilizing Google Analytics in these $ 35 coaching programs

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The early bird catches the worm and for modern companies this means recognizing and using trends before the competition. Because of this, big data analytics tools are still popular and Google Analytics is one of the major players in this market.

With Google Analytics, businesses can better monitor the traffic on their websites and see what is driving their traffic, whether it’s a marketing campaign or a sudden increase in their e-commerce sales. If you’d like to learn these skills yourself, this 5-course Google Analytics Master Class package shows you how to do it for $ 34.99.

The Google Analytics Master Class Bundle contains 12 hours of material to teach you how to monitor your website’s growth and traffic using Google Analytics, Data Studio, SEO, and more. These courses are taught by online teachers like Daragh Walsh, a Google Certified Marketer whose courses have an average score of 4.4 out of 5 out of over 170,000 top-rated reviews from students.

New to Google Analytics? The first course to take is Walsh’s Google Analytics Certification: Get Certified and Earn More. Here’s how to apply this tool to a content website, ecommerce store, and even a mobile app. Not only is this course designed to help you pass the Google Analytics exam for the first time, but it also provides tips and tricks on how to promote your certification to get a new job.

The package contains three additional courses that delve deeper into Google Analytics and its features. Alternatively, the final course focuses on using marketing analytics data to understand your target audience using Google Data Studio.

Competition drives innovation, and companies that learn to use data will find innovative opportunities first. Each course in the Google Analytics Master Class Bundle typically costs $ 199. However, you can get all five courses today for just $ 34.99.

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