Take a look at these 15 actual property podcasts with black hosts


One of the best ways to find out about real estate investing is by listening to podcasts. The number of shows has skyrocketed and there are over 1 million active podcasts available. There are real estate podcasts with millions of downloads and a growing number of lesser-known shows. These shows deliver amazing quality, educational content, and focus on a specific niche or audience. With the rise of podcasting, the number of black podcast presenters who understand the nuances and challenges of being a black real estate investor has increased.

We know how important representation and finding are Hosts you identify with will enhance the experience and likely provide insights to help you navigate your current situation. Some shows focus on motivational content and high level theory. Others focus more on practical and actionable insights to help make informed decisions. Discovering other black real estate investors can make all the difference in taking the next step in your journey.

Here is a list of 15 multi-family black host podcasts.

1. Target Market Insights: Multifamily + Marketing, hosted by John Casmon

This show covers the multi-family and marketing insights investors and entrepreneurs need to grow their portfolios. While the show focuses on multi-family homes, it offers great insight for any business owner. It has been named the # 1 Multi-Family Podcast to Follow in 2021.

2. Myers Method presents multi-family missteps hosted by Jerome Myers

This show casts the syrupy fairy tale of home investment and digging into the missteps of active home owners to help investors learn from their mistakes.

3. Real Estate Investor Goddesses by Monick Halm

Monick Halm interviews women who are on the rise in real estate investments and shares how women find joy and happiness through investing.

4. The Passive Investor Show, hosted by John Fortes

The Passive Investor Show offers insights into the basics of private passive investing. The show was meant to help working professionals understand that they don’t have to create another job to create another stream of income.

5. Cash flow diary hosted by J. Massey

Massey shares useful strategies to improve your skills in prospecting, posting offers, closing stores, buying, selling, wholesale, freezing and flipping, rehab, and more.

6. Going Long by Billy Keels

Billy Keels, based in Barcelona, ​​Spain, shares tips for remote real estate investments. These insights can help you whether you want to invest in another state or in another country.

7. The Level Up REI Podcast, hosted by Lisa Hylton

The Level Up REI podcast was created to meet listeners where they are and give them endless opportunities to improve their real estate investing game and lives in general.

8. TheOglesby and Scott Show, hosted by Todd Oglesby and Rashauna Scott

The Oglesby and Scott Show is a premier podcast on Black Wealth Building and Real Estate Investing. Hosted by Charles Oglesby of Todd Capital and Rashauna Scott of Flippin in Heels, this show highlights African American real estate investing and entrepreneurship.

9. Multi-Family Investor Situation Room hosted by Dion Huey

An interview-based program that looks at the mindset of investors when challenges arise. We examine the decision making process of successful real estate investors, learn about their mistakes and learn how to make the right decisions to be successful.

10. Black Wealth Renaissance

With a simple goal of normalizing blacks’ wealth, the show shares helpful resources and tips to help others achieve and maintain the wealth of the generations. The platform was founded by David Bellard, Jared Spiller, Jalen Clark and Kelly Rhodes.

11. Wealth through Real Estate Investing, hosted by Dwaine Clarke

This show focuses on creating wealth, cash flow, and financial freedom through real estate. Show themes include Passive Real Estate Investing, Multi-Family Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Asset Protection and more.

12. Real estate experiment, organized by Ruben Kanya

This show bridges the gap between entrepreneurship and real estate investing. The show focuses on systems, processes, and personal development to be an effective business owner and operator.

13. Generational wealth through commercial real estate hosted by Will Smith

The host is a former NFL player who found his passion for commercial real estate. Will Smith provides insights to get you started with commercial real estate.

14. Buy the block with Bryan Chavis

This show is based on Bryan’s experience building successful real estate companies. Bryan shares information about the tools people need to be successful in real estate investing.

15. Money with a mission from Felecia Froe

This show tells inspiring stories of everyday people who invest to improve their communities. In some cases, they are spending money and time transforming neighborhoods and generating profits for their missionary investors.

These shows were chosen for their quality, insights, and longevity. Of course, there are other deserved podcasts as well. See this as a starting point so you can add some shows to your library. Listening to podcasts is a great way to speed up your investment. Finding shows and hosts to connect with will make the experience more fulfilling. This list provides you with options for connecting to a show that will help you achieve your investment goals. Listen and find your favorite to grow as a real estate investor.