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Tea baggage podcasts – cut back stress with our prime ideas for leisure

Do you feel a little stressed out in September?

A survey for Tesco Mobile shows that more than half of parents find this time of year difficult.

Be nice to yourself, switch off and save with these tipsImage Credit: Shutterstock

The return of school run, return to work.

So it is time to be kind to yourself.

Switch off and save with these tips.

STAY CALM: The Calm and Headspace apps offer free trials.

Headspace is an ideal introduction to relaxation, while Calm offers a range of guided meditations to help you find peace.

MOVE: Gyms are dying to lure us back after losing so many businesses to the pandemic.

Check the social media of the gyms in your area to see which free tickets are currently on offer.

Take a 30-minute stroll for lunch while listening to a podcast or enjoy an audiobook with Audible’s free trial

Use the digital services of your library in your area. Sign up through your community’s website for free access to tons of e-books, audiobooks, and music.

RELAX WITH FRIENDS: Sociability and laughter are such mood enhancers.

Try the Wowcher and Groupon coupon sites for cheap tickets to live comedy.

In Edinburgh, for example, you can get four tickets for one night at The Comedy Attic through Wowcher for just £ 10.

In London, vacancies in the audience could be found for The Graham Norton Show, Taskmaster and more. Go to sroaudiences.com.

EAT WELL: Diet is important to combat stress.

Prepare healthy foods like green leafy vegetables, lean meats, and oily fish.

For a vitamin supplement you will receive a 15 percent discount on highnature.com until the end of the bank holiday on Monday.

SLEEP CALMLY: I’ve never slept better than after a cup of Night Sky Calm Infusion from Dragonfly Tea, £ 2.50 for 20 tea bags at Waitrose.

But Clippers Bio Sleep Easy Tea is only £ 1.99 at Holland & Barrett – a savings of 51p.

A weight blanket can also help. At onlinehomeshop.com, the silver gray Brentfords blanket costs £ 17 versus £ 23.

  • Prices correct at the time of going to press. Offers and offers subject to availability.

offer of the day


Save £ 8.98 on six bottles of Prosecco Spumante at Asda

GET 25 percent off selected wine or fizz at Asda.

Six Prosecco Spumante would have cost £ 35.94, but by Monday night it’s only £ 26.96.

TO SAVE: £ 8.98 on six bottles

Cheap enjoyment


Beanies Coffee with Jaffa cake flavor is only £ 1.99 at Lidl

LIDL sells Jaffa cake flavored beanies coffee for just £ 1.99.

What’s new

Podcasts on tea bags - reduce stress with our top tips for relaxing

TELEPHONE home with the new Xperia 1 III, which can be ordered from O2.

It starts at £ 41 a month for 3GB of data with a £ 30 prepayment.

Order by September 15th to receive a free pair of Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones valued at £ 329.

Top swap

Why are you paying € 27 for Very.co.uk's City Hello bedding set ...


Why pay 27 € for the City Hello bedding set from Very.co.uk …... when the City Panic-Set costs only € 14.99 at Home Bargains


… when the City Panic-Set costs only € 14.99 at Home Bargains

DO your kids LOVE Lego?

Instead of the City Hello bedding set from Very.co.uk for £ 27, grab the City Panic set from Home Bargains for £ 14.99.

TO SAVE: € 12.01

Giselle’s little helper

TV station Gold is raising a glass to the 40th anniversary of Only Fools And Horses by recreating the Nags Head pub for the ultimate fan experience.

Nags Head opens in London this Friday and Saturday. Table reservations are free at gold.uktv.co.uk/nagshead.

Shop & save

Save £ 20 on the new Beldray Clean & Dry floor cleaner at Argos


Save £ 20 on the new Beldray Clean & Dry floor cleaner at Argos

BIN the mop and get the new Beldray Clean & Dry floor cleaner from Argos for £ 129.99 (was £ 149.99).

TO SAVE: £ 20

Hot now

There is a discount of up to 50 percent in the Matalan shop.

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Podcasts on tea bags - reduce stress with our top tips for relaxing

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A stressed dog gave me the idea of ​​a million pound business

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