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The Actual Crime Podcasts That Might Have Affected “Solely Murders In The Constructing”


In Hulu’s new series “Only Murders in the Building,” three New Yorkers obsessed with true crime come together to solve the murder of a man who lived in their Manhattan skyscraper. And as they do nowadays, they decide to document their investigation on a podcast.

The unlikely trio consists of former television star Charles, played by Steve Martin, Hardy Boys lover Mabel, played by Selena Gomez, and a broke theater actor named Oliver, played by Martin Short. It should be noted that their names are indicative. could be an adjustment from Oliver Twist, a book by Charles Dickens and adapted by Mabel Dodge Holmes.

The three first bond over love on the super popular (fictional) podcast “Everything’s Not OK in Oklahoma,” and soon they start creating their own podcast investigating their neighbor’s murder. The title of their podcast, which is also the name of the show, becomes “Only Murders in the Building” after they choose to focus only on murders that take place inside the luxury apartment building.

“I bet every true crime podcaster wishes they were involved in the case from the start,” Oliver says before starting to record his podcast. He starts recording on his phone as they rummage through the trash cans in their building for clues. A lot of their recording sessions just work like this: on the go, in the living room, in the kitchen and on the street.

While clearly a fictional show, “Only Murders in the Building” plays out America’s very real obsession with true crime and true crime podcasts. We at Oxygen.com have rounded up some of the most likely podcast muses as well as references on the show.

The most obvious inspiration is none other than “Serial”, one of the most influential and popular podcasts on true crime today. The first season of the podcast focused on the murder of teenagers Hae Min Lee and explored her friend’s guilt or innocence Adnan Syed | convicted of the crime caused a stir in 2014 when it was released on the scene. The trio behind “Only Murders in the Building” adores, if not adores, “Everything’s Not OK in Oklahoma” host Cinda Canning, played by Tina Fey. Her voice in the fictional podcast bears an unmistakable resemblance to the “Serial” presenter Sarah Koenigs. Additionally, Canning brags about receiving a Peabody Award for her podcasting on True Crime, which is exactly what it is “Serial” won in 2014. Koening gave up Acceptance speech. In “Only Murders In The Building,” Fey’s character tells the detectives that she was just bought for $ 30 million. Last year the Takeover of the New York Times the “Serial” production team, including Koenig, for $ 25 million.

The story goes on

“All is Not Okay in Oklahoma” is also similar to “S-Town”, which was created by in 2017 the producers of “Serial”. His host, New Yorker Brian Reed, ventures into a rural area of Alabama to investigate an unsolved murder. Fey’s character, also from New York, ventures into rural Oklahoma to get her Peabody. “S-Town” has been criticized for using illiterate southerners to entertain educated New Yorkers. Reed, for example, refers to John B. McLemore, the man who originally contacted Reed to investigate a murder and whose frank conversations are generously included in the Pocast, as “local Boo Radley”. The show was even sued for exploitation in 2018, Vox reported. Only Murders in the Building “,” S-Town “takes unexpected turns: (SPOILERS AHEAD) When Reed finds out that the murder he believed he was investigating never happened and his subject commits suicide, Reed turns to them To tell the story of his McLemore life.

The way Mabel, Charles, and Oliver create their podcast is similar to some of the methods used by Mandy Matney, presenter of the new podcast “Murdaugh Murders.” As with the trio, Matney focuses on substance rather than audio quality. During the investigation, she records her podcast in various locations around her home. But as she notes, she is a journalist, not a podcaster; She is focused on clearing up her facts and not worried about Vocal Fry. It’s a family affair too: your fiancé produces. And as with the crew of “Only Murders in the Building”, Matney records the events and their research in real time. The story is actually still unfolded. South Carolina resident Matney bravely takes on the Murdaugh family, a powerful and feared right-wing dynasty in the state, to investigate whether they have anything to do with multiple suspicious deaths, including the recent murders of Paul and Maggie Murdaugh. Taking risks is a very canned thing; as Mabel points out, she was once buried in raw sewage for eight hours.

The collection of “Dateline NBC” podcasts, both new and classic, is filled with True Crime Secrets and In-depth Investigations. You are a tough real crime favorite Enthusiasts, just the kind of people that Only Murders in the Building characters want to connect with. And just like the characters, Dateline NBC’s podcasters sometimes get caught up in the timeline of their own story. In her 2019 podcast “The thing with Pam,“notorious murderer” Pamela HuppShe, who is currently on trial for the murder of her best friend Elizabeth “Betsy” Faria, allegedly tried to lure Louis Gumpenberger to her home while claiming she was the show’s producer. She allegedly made up that she needed help when she was reenacting an 911 call. It’s a story of twists and turns; Hupp is currently serving his life for killing Gumpenberger, whom she allegedly killed to portray him as Faria’s hit man.

“Mystery Show” was an innovative podcast from 2015 in which presenter Starlee Kine would solve a little riddle per episode. A small cult fan base developed, just like “Only Murders in the Building”. Mystery Show was a perfect little gem of a podcast. It was insightful without being preaching, sweet without being maudlin, and it was incredibly addicting to listen.

“Only Murders in the Building” is currently streamed on Hulu.