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The brand new firm PodPrinted affords clothes for followers of podcasts

An Australian and an American enter the office of a health department.

No, this is not the beginning of a joke. It’s the beginning of a story about how two women who love podcasts turned that passion into a business.

Rachel Freeman, the American, and Kat Ventoruzzo, the Australian, are the founders of the fledgling e-commerce company PodPrinted.

PodPrinted is an online clothing store devoted to all podcasts.

Podcasts have grown in popularity over the past seven years. More than 68 million people in the US listen to different productions every week.

“We felt we could speak authentically to the podcast audience, so it seemed like a pretty natural fit,” Freeman said. “It was also a niche market that needed to be tapped. Hopefully we’re getting at a really good time in terms of marketing to this audience because we believe it will only grow. “

PodPrinted designs are simple and clean, and are a fun way to show your love for podcasts. (Image credits PodPrinted)

Freeman, who grew up in Greeley, worked in the Weld County Health Department, where she met Ventoruzzo, who moved to the United States more than eight years ago.

When they met, the two immediately clicked on their shared love of podcasts, especially the NPR podcast “How I Built This with Guy Raz”.

“At work, oh my god, I’ve probably molested Rachel so often,” said Ventoruzzo with a laugh. “She walked past me and I said, ‘Listen to this podcast.’ I would deny her ear. “

Freeman describes her podcast bond as a “mini podcast club with just the two of us”.

With the past year devastating job stability, many people, including Freeman and Ventoruzzo, have been on a sideline or second income.

“Anyone can start a company if they want. It just takes a lot of time and energy, ”said Ventoruzzo. “It’s about believing what you are selling. I think between that and how much I loved working with Rachel, I thought I’d see if she would ever want to start a business with me. “

The idea came after Ventoruzzo sent Freeman a text message: “If you want to start a business, I would start one with you.”

Hence, PodPrinted was born.

PodPrinted designs are simple and clean, and are a fun way to show your love for podcasts. (Image credits PodPrinted)

Freeman and Ventoruzzo had never run a business before and wanted to start small to “stick their toes in the water”.

“Everything was new, and I think to us – we both have day jobs that we hold onto so I think it was a bit of a challenge for us to find the time and prioritize the time to get things done” said Freeman. “We created a schedule and a small action planning session to plan all of the different steps we need to take to get PodPrinted off the ground.”

The two have done a lot of research into marketing tactics and tips, drop shipping businesses, and drawing up company agreements. They also reached out to the East Colorado Small Business Development Center, 800 17th St., Kepner Hall # 0025, in Greeley for more information.

“You’ve been a great help in giving us some specific next steps and things to think about and consider,” Freeman said. “You have been very helpful in this process of getting started.”

The company sells six different t-shirt designs, all of which are geared towards listening to podcasts.

“Rachel and I have the aesthetic where we like simple things and that’s why we decided to focus our designs on pretty plain and clean,” said Ventoruzzo.

The business owners hope to slowly add hoodies, long-sleeved shirts, stickers and other accessories for podcasts to their merchandise offerings.

With the company’s slogan “For the Love of Podcasts,” Freeman and Ventoruzzo hope the company will become a hub where podcasters can create a sense of community and connect podcast lovers with other podcasts and blogs through podcasts.

“We learn a lot and love to learn and listen,” said Ventoruzzo. “Through our messaging, we talk about listening to podcasts to gain knowledge.”

More information about PodPrinted can be found at www.podprinted.com.

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