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The position of Website positioning within the trendy enterprise martech stack

Using marketing technology effectively to understand the customer, drive engagement, and measure ROI is a top priority for marketers.

When consumers have a question or need to find a solution to a problem, they turn to search. So it’s no wonder companies spent nearly $ 47.5 billion on SEO or SEO-related products and services in 2020.

COVID accelerated the shift to digital media, and now CMOs and marketing directors are turning to SEO and digital channels and technology, which Gartner says accounts for nearly 80% of the budget, with 59% of that for own and earned digital media such as websites, SEO and mobile Marketing.

Marketing technology stacks are a collection of software tools, platforms, and technologies used by enterprise marketers to improve efficiency, improve collaboration and communication, and increase multi-channel ROI.

As marketing directors and CMOs re-focus on marketing opportunities, the role of technology – alongside SEO – becomes increasingly important.

In this article, I share insights into the role and importance of SEO in modern marketing technology stacks.


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The voice of the customer

As the demand for search queries rises to an all-time high, the role of search engine optimization has expanded to include several business areas.

Once an isolated channel, SEO is now part of holistic PPC and digital activities as SEO is the most dynamic way to understand the customer’s voice.

From understanding macro trends to consumer behavior to uncovering detailed search trends, SEO has become an invaluable business intelligence tool.

As companies seek to improve the customer experience in every facet of their business, SEO insights help them understand the intentions and key touchpoints on every part of the customer journey.

This helps organizations improve:

  • Customer experiences.
  • Products, services, sales, and pricing models.
  • Customer loyalty and time for decisions and measures.
  • Operating and collaboration models – internal and external.

Data, insights and actions

With so much data available, any type of organization and digital marketer can now use a combination of historical and, most importantly, real-time insights to drive the success of marketing stacks.


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In particular, the importance of first-party SEO data is increasing as Google tries to remove third-party cookies over the next few years.

As a result, the role of data and analytics is playing an increasingly important role in the development of companies’ technology stacks.

However, when looking at technology providers, marketers need to ensure that they are using technology with more advanced features. In particular, companies need access to structured data sets, real-time information and enable automated actions.

Thanks to machine learning technology, marketers can now quickly and quickly identify opportunities and dynamically create and activate content across multiple digital marketing channels.

Many companies do not always have access to their data science teams and rely on deep learning technology to analyze complex and dynamic data sets.

This helps:

  • Real-time performance optimization.
  • Use predictive analytics on a large scale.
  • Personalize campaigns.
  • Automate critical and time-consuming tasks.

Adopting and deploying AI-powered search technologies provides smarter, faster, and more actionable insights that focus on sales improvements.

At the same time, automation enables teams to scale and improve their SEO campaigns and the overall return on digital marketing.

Integration and performance

As marketing organizations are encouraged to do more with fewer resources, technology is increasingly being used as a third resource / extra person on the marketing team.

Fundamental market shifts have resulted in SEO insights being used more and more to inform many other digital marketing activities, especially PPC.

However, with so many different tools and platforms available, it is crucial that marketers ensure that their SEO technology can be integrated into multiple elements of marketing technology stacks.

For example, sales and customer service, IT and design, content and PR, social media and email benefit from SEO insights such as:

  • Educate sales and customer success teams about new trends and opportunities.
  • Identify potential for new products and services.

Likewise, other elements and data sources – their paths and flows – can benefit search engine optimization.


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The most successful organizations select technologies for complementary channels and adjacent ecosystems and examine how they can integrate and work together.

This can include:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM).
  • Content Management Systems (CMS).
  • Digital Asset Management Platforms (DAM).
  • Social media management platforms.
  • Project management.
  • Email management.
  • Search Analytics providers (Google and Alt sources).
  • Digital analytics provider.
  • Automation management.
  • Customer Experience Platforms (CX).

Organizations that focus on putting customer insights, data, and intelligent content at the heart of their technology stack builds can use APIs and integrations to create highly effective cross-channel marketing strategies that perform well.

SEO plays a crucial role in all of them.

The role of SEO in the modern enterprise martech stack


When you make sure that SEO and SEM technology is an essential and central part of your 2021 enterprise marketing stack, you make sure that your cross-channel digital marketing activities are geared towards success.


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Search Insights are the catalyst for content and the fuel for aligning and collaborating digital marketing in the user experience space.

As businesses seek to turn marketing into revenue generating hubs, advances in technology play an essential role in understanding customer behavior and SEO collaboration across all areas of the business.

Search brings additional business benefits that go beyond its traditional scope, such as:

  • Brand awareness.
  • PR and reputation management.
  • Product marketing.
  • Employee and customer experience.
  • Content and cross-channel activation.
  • Retention and upselling.
  • Generation of inbound and outbound leads.
  • Online and offline synergy.

Business technology is moving the digital marketing revenue needle more than ever. Having the right technology in the right place of your marketing stack brings success beyond SEO.

Remember that each part of your marketing technology stack should produce information that can be used for multiple functions and areas of digital marketing.

For this reason, platforms are usually better suited for large companies than for numerous tools with different data sources.


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They can add unnecessary complexity to an already highly fragmented marketing technology landscape.

As corporate marketing directors seek to streamline their budgets to better align them with the customer experience, SEO has become a key source of information.

More than ever, the focus is on advances in technologies that help align and advance multi-function and multi-channel performance.

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