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three Bengaluru Podcasts You Ought to Hear

Whether you are a vintage car from Bengaluru or you have recently come home, there is always something to discover in this beautiful city. Metrolife curated three podcasts to help you do this – know Bengaluru better. These are available on all common platforms.

Bangalore in stories

Popcorn came to India in the 1950s thanks to a couple who started new lives after fleeing the Holocaust and Siberian labor camps in Bengaluru. A Russian woman danced in the pubs of Bengaluru with a snake wrapped around her neck in the 1970s. In the early 1990s, Millennium became the first Asian heavy metal band to appear on MTV. “I want these stories to bring joy and happiness,” says 28-year-old Prateek Jose of his podcast “Bangalore In Stories,” produced by PodMacha Studios. Six episodes old, it captures the moments that shaped the city’s culture and is based on archival information and personal interviews. Next, learn about the German botanist behind the tree-lined avenues and Lalbagh Gardens in town. “I can also explore the history of Begum Mahal, a bungalow in Ulsoor that was razed to the ground. It used to be a safe place for transgender people and people with different sexualities, ”he says.

City of women

This podcast from Vaaka Media makes you want to call your friends right away. A listener wrote this on Twitter and we can no longer agree. A season old, it follows the lives of women in Bengaluru trying to find economic freedom but also doing simple things like making excuses, taking bunk lessons, going to the movies, walking down the street and laughing out loud. Hosted by Radhika Viswanathan and Samyuktha Varma, each episode is a fun ride with multiple interviews, but it’s also a commentary on the many hoops women have to jump to be themselves and how they make it spectacular anyway. The second season of City of Women will be out in a month or two and it will feature stories about women in sports, stories of loneliness and boredom, how they deal with booty calls, and what it’s like to be on a protest site, the team shares. If you have a story or topic you’d like to introduce, email team@vaaka.in.

Gothilla podcast

If you want to move on from Kannada-Gothilla (that is, I don’t know Kannada) and speak and live like a local in Bengaluru then this podcast can help. In 10 to 15 minutes of each episode, situational Kannada is taught, you know how to instruct a grocer, how to haggle with auto rickshaw drivers, how to get extra chilies from a grocery store, and how to seek help from a traffic cop. We are working on episodes on how to talk about India’s great run at the Olympics or how parents can get into conversation with teachers. “A listener has started to speak Kannada and he finally feels like a Bengalurean,” shares Aakash Athawasya. He’s lived in town for 22 years but still can’t talk on Kannada. That’s why he designed this podcast in May of this year with his Kannadiga friend Arvind Krishna.

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