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Two unique podcasts from SYN Media’s podcast incubator program

SYN is in the process of releasing two original podcasts created and produced by young people in SYN’s 2020/21 Podcast Incubator Program.

The CBAA Award-winning Podcast Incubator is a mentoring and professional development program for aspiring producers under the age of 26. The producers of the program receive an industry mentor, production training and close support from SYN in developing their podcast idea.

With support from Creative Victoria and the Community Broadcasting Foundation, SYN launched its first podcast incubator in 2019. The First Podcast Incubator 2019 launched four extraordinary SYN podcasts from SYN producers: BS Cryptid, The Graduate’s Cup, The Subtlety Of It and Do Quit Your Tagesjob.

In 2020, participants were selected through a highly competitive application round open to all young people across Australia. They were trained and supported by mentors from the industry Erin Kyan, Jessica Hamilton and Zain Nabi develop their podcasts. This year’s podcasts of the SYN 2021 Podcast Incubator are:

Twins – Grace Valerie-Lynette Twinemies, a musical queer rom-com about competitive twin sisters who bet to see who can complete most of the things on the teenage bucket list. On their way, the Gemini fall in love with people who are so wrong but so right, and learn that love may be more important than winning.


Five eyes – Benjamin Polazzon and Timna Katz When government officials inexplicably go missing, five spies are given the task of discovering their whereabouts. Conspiracies spread like wildfire. Discoveries only lead to further questions. With war on the horizon, time is not on your side.

former content manager of SYN, Lindsey Green, developed the Inaugural Podcast Incubator in 2019. “The Podcast Incubator was a high point in my career and I’m delighted to have it continued for another year,” said Lindsey.

“The SYN volunteers are some of the most creative people I have ever met, but creativity is only part of what it takes to create a podcast. The success of the podcast incubator shows what is possible when you give young people the time and support to pursue their ideas without fear and reluctance. I can’t wait to hear what SYN volunteers are doing this time around and how they will contribute to Australian podcasting, ”she added.

The current content coordinator of SYN, Erin Dick, headed the 2020/21 program:

“The last 18 months have been exceptionally challenging for young people and those working in the creative industries. Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, our producers went out of their way to bring their podcasts to life and we can’t wait for you to hear them. Young people’s voices are critical to the success of emerging art forms, and SYNners continue to hold responsibility. Your stories and ideas are more important than ever today. ”

The Podcast Incubator 2021 was made possible with the support of the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

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