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UPDATED: “We wish to unite Canadians beneath the umbrella of freedom,” says PPC chief

Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada, made a stop at Moose Jaw on September 2 as part of his Mad Max 2021 election tour

Almost 200 people roared in approval as Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), walked into the Mae Wilson Theater to discuss how the PPC will fight for the rights and freedoms of Canadians.

Together with candidate Chey Craik, Bernier spoke on September 2nd during his Mad Max election tour in 2021. The supporters roared with joy and applauded during Bernier’s speech.

Mad Max Beyond Ottawa

Freedom is the fundamental value that unites Canadians and the fundamental ideal of Western civilization, said the PPC leader. Only in a free society can there be human dignity, equality of life and economic prosperity. Canada has been free for 154 years, but citizens can no longer take their freedoms for granted.

“I’m here today because I’m crazy like you; I am not happy. I’m crazy – and yes, you can call me Mad Max – because our country, our identity, our freedoms are under attack, “said Bernier,” under attack by the liberals (and) the conservatives who promote COVID hysteria and enforce lockdowns and now a vaccination certificate for us. ”

More freedom, less socialism

Bernier criticized liberal leader Justin Trudeau, saying the prime minister should unite the country but was the most divisive leader in Canadian history. The PPC guide pointed out that Trudeau divided people based on race, gender, religion and vaccination status.

Trudeau needs to understand that Canadians no longer want socialism and do not live in a communist country, Bernier continued. In addition, he believed it was a lie to say that unvaccinated Canadians are dangerous when anyone can spread the virus regardless of vaccination status.

The PPC believes in freedom of choice and lets people choose whether to get vaccinated or wear a mask, he noted. However, he pointed out that Trudeau and Conservative leader Erin O’Toole are trying to enforce a vaccination certificate with false information.

After nearly two years of the pandemic, there is more information on COVID-19, including the risk that the virus is dangerous to older people with comorbidities, Bernier said. Bernier says 80 percent of pandemic deaths in Canada have occurred in seniors with underlying health problems.

He pointed out that as a 58-year-old man, he had a 99.5 percent chance of surviving the coronavirus, which is why he had refused a vaccination. However, he respects others who take it and doesn’t want to see segregation due to vaccination status.

“We want to unite the Canadians under the umbrella of freedom,” said Bernier.

Vaccination records are controversial because they are not based on scientific evidence but on compliance and government control, he continued. Passports are issued in Quebec and Ontario and are likely to come to Saskatchewan, especially since the Liberals have promised to give the provinces $ 1 billion for such a plan. Instead, citizens have to live in a society where they don’t have to show their papers.

Banish identity politics

Another criticism the PPC leader had of Trudeau is how the prime minister has been involved in identity politics since 2015. This included creating a program specifically for black business owners.

“This is racial politics. We don’t want that, ”said Bernier. Instead, the PPC would provide grants to every entrepreneur regardless of their skin color. “I think Canadians are fed up with … identity politics or race politics.”

While the mainstream media is obsessed with candidates’ skin color, sexual orientation, religion or gender, the PPC doesn’t even ask those questions of its candidates, he continued. Instead, candidates must simply believe in Canada and the party’s principles and values, including individual freedom, personal responsibility, fairness, and respect.

“The budget will balance out”

Bernier also went after the Conservatives, saying, “The Conservative Party of Canada is conservative in name only.”

O’Toole wants to balance the budget in 10 years but has no plans to cut anything on it, he continued. This is similar to Trudeau’s 2015 statement: “The budget will balance itself out”.

If elected, the PPC would cut funding for the CBC and foreign aid. It would also cut taxes in its second term so it would not have to borrow from future generations while telling the Bank of Canada to stop printing money. This would lower inflation, keep more money in Canadians’ pockets and raise the standard of living.

“When tyranny becomes law, revolution becomes duty. And we’re starting a common sense revolution, ”continued Bernier as the crowd jumped up and cheered enthusiastically. The PPC leader then asked the crowd to stand up against totalitarian politicians who disregard the Constitution and break culture and alertness in Canada.

Bernier encouraged the crowd to vote for their principles, not against their values. He dismissed the idea of ​​”split voices” as a Conservative talking point, while believing the Maverick Party was a “puppet” of the CCP because the interim leader is not running and there are only 30 candidates in Western Canada.

The PPC leader concluded with a quote from former US President John F. Kennedy and the responsibility of this generation to defend freedom “in its maximum hour of peril”.

Before Bernier spoke, about 12 people protested outside the venue. Many held signs accusing Bernier of allegedly being racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic and anti-First Nations.

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