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VeChain combats China’s greenhouse gasoline emissions with a digital SaaS platform

It is a fact that more and more countries and industries are facing major challenges in reducing air pollution, but no country is facing a bigger one than China, which is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2060 by 2025 in accordance with the goals of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan.

VeChain (VET / USD), a company that connects blockchain technology to the real world by offering IoT integration, a solid economic model, and a complex governance structure, will play a pivotal role in the economic giant’s plans to reduce carbon emissions. Play reduction.

VeChain introduces SaaS service for the digital carbon footprint: the details

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The company, which has enterprise-class public blockchain technology, will leverage its new Digital Carbon Footprint SaaS service to help companies of all sizes change their carbon footprint management practices. The innovative platform is unique in the combination of a SaaS model with decentralized ledger technology.

Solve the problem with data distrust

Companies have to report emissions data as part of “green” compliance, but there is a lack of transparency and mistrust of data, as not all data can be independently verified or proven to be authentic. The public blockchain solves this problem and, when combined with data quality assurance services and IoT technologies, can collect trustworthy emissions data.

Alexandre Gellert Paris, Associate Program Officer at UNFCCC, shares this view and states:

“Blockchain can contribute to greater stakeholder involvement, transparency and engagement and help to create trust and other innovative solutions in the fight against climate change, which leads to increased climate protection.”

Data integration with leading external assurance providers

VeChain’s new platform enables corporate users to log and integrate key data with the world’s leading third-party providers within its partnership network. Then the data can improve the sustainability performance of the respective organization. Business owners can give end users a complete view of green claims and carbon data by leveraging VeChain’s Digital Carbon Footprint SaaS platform.

It offers a scalable, comprehensive platform for companies of all sizes to better track, calculate and report their CO2 reduction targets and results across the entire supply and value chain.

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