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Watch: Honey Lee, Lee Sang Yoon, Jin Search engine optimisation Yeon and Lee Received Geun share their “One The Lady” characters

The upcoming SBS drama “One the Woman” has released a new video in which the actors explain their roles!

“One the Woman” is a comedy about a corrupt prosecutor who tries to regain her memories after developing amnesia and changing her life with a chaebol daughter-in-law who looks just like her. Honey Lee plays in double roles the corrupt prosecutor Jo Yeon Joo and the daughter-in-law of Chaebol, Kang Mi Na. Lee Sang Yoon plays Han Seung Wook, a third generation chaebol who still has feelings for his first love.

In the newly released video, the actors take on the roles of their characters as they answer questions about them. Honey Lee starts the video as District Attorney Jo Yeon Joo. In her character she says: “If you have something to solve, I’ll take care of it perfectly if you give me some dough.” Jo Yeon Joo explains that she became a prosecutor in order to be successful and take care of both the victims and the superiors. About her values, Jo Yeon Joo says: “People have to go in the right direction in life. I have more than one or two extraordinary abilities, but I’m particularly good at getting in the right line. ”Finally, she adds that she doesn’t care whether people curse her or think she is materialistic.

In the next interview, Honey Lee transforms completely from head to toe into Kang Mi Na. She explains how her everyday life as a housewife consists of preparing meals, cleaning the house, and looking after the family. When asked why she works as a housewife even though she comes from a family with a similar status to her husband, Kang Mi Na replies: “This is too personal, so it is difficult to say.” The interview asks whether it is difficult to take care of the family, and she replies, “Nothing changes even if I complain, and since it’s a loveless marriage, it doesn’t matter.”

Han Seung Wook explains that he lived with his mother in the United States after his father died in an unfortunate accident. When asked why he returned to Korea, Han Seung Wook replied, “My mother told me something when she died, and I have some business to do in Korea. There is also someone I would like to meet. ”He reveals that the name of his first love is Kang Mi Na.

Han Sung Hye (Jin Seo Yeon) announces that she is the managing director of the Hanju Hotel and the oldest daughter of the Hanju Group. Speaking of all the bad press about the Hanju Group, Han Sung Hye says, “These are mostly articles about my younger brother. After marriage, he showed no affection for my sister-in-law and is walking around outside, so I try to stop him as his older sister, but that is often beyond my ability. “Han Sung Hye seems to feel sorry for Kang Mi Na, adding that she sometimes does is frustrated with her. Finally, she reveals that it is her dream to protect the Hanju group on her own, without having to rely on others.

Ahn Yoo Joon (Lee Won Geun) is a prosecutor who took the elite course in life. He says, “Life wasn’t much fun, but after I met Jo Yeon Joo, I was very inspired because she is so full of life and vitality.” Ahn Yoo Joon describes Jo Yeon Joo with the phrase “Girl Crush” and adds that she is the guy who is heading straight for her goal. He explains: “Sometimes she looks dangerous, but I feel refreshed when I’m with her.”

The interview ends with the actors asking the audience to tune in to the drama. Check out the full interview below!

“One the Woman” will be premiered on September 17th at 10pm KST. Check out a teaser here!

Check out Honey Lee (also as a prosecutor) in “The Fiery Priest” below:

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