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Watch: Lee Bo Younger, Kim Website positioning Hyung, and others attend script studying for brand new drama

tvN has shared some photos and videos of the script for the upcoming weekend drama “Mine” (literal title)!

“Mine” is about strong and ambitious women who overcome the prejudices of the world in order to find their true selves. It is written by Baek Mi Kyung (“The dignified lady”, “Strong woman will soon make a bong”) and staged by Lee Na Jung (“Love alarm”, “Fight for my way”).

While reading the script, Baek Mi Kyung said, “It’s an honor to work with such talented actors. I’ll work on the script and do my best to focus on each character. I hope we all have good relationships here and can do a great project. “

Participants in the reading included the actors Lee Bo Young, Kim Seo Hyung, Lee Hyun Wook, Ok Ja Yeon, VIXXs N (Cha Hak Yeon), Jung Yi Seo, Park Won Sook, Park Hyuk Kwon and Kim Hye Hwa.

Lee Bo Young plays Seo Hee Soo, a former top actress and daughter-in-law of the Hyo Won Group’s second son. Kim Seo Hyung plays Jung Seo Hyun, daughter-in-law of the eldest son of the Hyo Won Group. Lee Hyun Wook plays Seo Hee Soo’s husband Han Ji Yong, while N plays Jung Seo Hyun’s son Han Soo Hyuk.

Park Won Sook plays Yang Soon Hye, the mother-in-law of Seo Hee Soo and Jung Seo Hyun, and the wife of the chairman of the Hyo Won Group. Park Hyuk Kwon plays Han Jin Ho, the husband of Jung Seo Hyun and the eldest son of the Hyo Won Group. Kim Hye Hwa plays Han Jin Hee, the oldest daughter of the Hyo Won Group and the sister-in-law of Seo Hee Soo and Jung Seo Hyun.

Lee Bo Young said, “‘Mine’ is a drama in which two women find their true selves after the tension of new people is introduced into their lives.” Some of these new people are Kang Ja Kyung (Ok Ja Yeon), the tutor of Seo Hee Soo and Han Ji Yong’s son, and Kim Yoo Yeon (Jung Yi Seo), a young girl from the Hyo Won family.

“Mine” will premiere in the first half of 2021.

Check out the backgrounds of the script reading and drama films below!

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