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The following are summaries of this week’s shows on KBFD TV that air Korean dramas with English subtitles:

Weekly update

“Man who sets the table” episodes 39 and 40 (Sun.)

Today, 6:40 p.m .: Tae Yang finds out that there is a real culprit behind Kevin’s attempted murder.

Tae Yang and Ru Ri go in search of the villain. Park convinces Ae Ri not to give up the money and that they should work together to get their hands on it. Today, 7.45 p.m .: When So Won, Yeon Ju and Han Gyul finally find their peace, Soo Ji appears and creates waves. Tae Yang and Ru are on the hunt for the perpetrator, but it is difficult.

“Yi Sang” one-part drama (Mon.)

Monday, 7.45 p.m .: One day in the 1970s, the portrait of the writer Yi Sang appears in a gallery. The portrait takes you back in time as Yi Sang and his friends go in search of treasure.

“Racket Boys” episode 1

Tuesday 7:45 p.m .: A rural high school badminton team is battling to get their name out there. Four guys form a team and fight obstacles on the way.

Hyun-jong and his family leave Seoul for Haenam, the edge of the global village.

Follow her new home in the southernmost part of the Korean peninsula.

“Phoenix 2020” episodes 81 and 82 (Wednesday); Episodes 83 and 84 (Thu.)

Wednesday, 7.45pm: Seo Eun-joo’s intrigues continue as Ji-eun and Jung-min’s relationship continues to be tested. The misunderstanding only grows for the two when Seo Eun-joo tries to separate the two by pretending to be Jung-min’s perfect assistant. Thursday, 7.45 p.m .: When Ji-eun’s family moves into their old house, the memories of their father live on. But her father’s death is mysterious when he shows up under a new name with no memory of the past.

“Chip-in” episode 3 (Fr.); Episode 4 (Sat.)

Friday, 7.45 p.m .: I will not give up my inheritance. Bit Na is confused why In Ho hid the fact that he was cured of his illness. As the will is promulgated, everyone is busy getting their hands on the property. Saturday, 7.45 p.m.: The perpetrator sent the letter. Bit Well, with the help of Sun, I can trace In Ho’s birthday. Everyone finds out that Hae Joon was adopted by In Ho.


Jeff Chung is General Manager of KBFD TV, which broadcasts Korean dramas with English subtitles. This column provides summaries of the dramas that are being played across Hawaii. Chung can be reached at 521-8066 or