Why search engine optimisation is essentially the most sustainable manner for regulation corporations to accumulate new clients


Thomson Reuters’ 2020 State of US Small Law Firms report re-focuses on the challenge law firms face with this all-important aspect of running or growing a business: attracting new clients.

Although the report mentions several challenges for small law firms, “attracting new business” is a particular challenge, which 26% of respondents identified as a significant challenge and another 50% as a moderate challenge for their practice.

This reveal should come as no surprise. It’s a well-known problem for most companies, regardless of their industry or market, and the question that begs is, what exactly can law firms do to address this challenge?

While there are numerous methods and mountains of advice to answer this question, I argue that one of these methods is generally considered to be the most sustainable by most professionals in the digital marketing industry, but is often the most overlooked: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or just use the way your online presence is used for maximum effectiveness.

Sustainability generally refers to the ability to maintain or continue something for as long as possible and at the current pace, while achieving the same, or preferably more, output. For a law firm, sustained growth can mean getting more prospects or leads, traffic to your website, calls and emails, or traffic to your office while using the same or fewer resources.

Options to build a small law firm

Television and radio advertising, billboards, physical mailings, billboards, and advertisements in the Yellow Pages are all older than the Internet, but remain popular advertising media for many law firms today. It’s not too difficult to see the limitations inherent in each of these media, including exorbitant costs, limited reach, inability to properly measure their effectiveness, and more.

And in today’s online world, whole new types and types of resources have emerged that have dramatically and dramatically improved the ability of law firms to acquire new clients, including through social media. In fact, social media definitely has the potential to enable viral campaigns, increase brand trust and visibility, increase traffic to your website, and become a great source of referrals and new customers. However, this modern option also faces the same challenges in competition with high costs and low conversion rates, especially if you take the paid advertising route.

So how can smaller law firms optimize their online marketing while minimizing costs and time?

Social networking also has organic methods that can be used to leverage this resource to build a law firm, often referred to as SEO, which is possibly the most sustainable of any available method to grow your law firm. Proper SEO enables companies to maximize their presence on their website, social media channels, and other online events, often simply by being aware of the words, phrases, and images used on these platforms. Properly managed SEO enables companies to better measure results and their return on investment (ROI) and achieve better conversion rates. Most importantly, SEO strategies can be one of the most sustainable options that you can pursue.

Let’s get into the last point of its sustainability. Recall that I described sustainability as the ability to hold or continue something for as long as possible, at the current pace, while getting the same or more output. Some ways SEO can meet this sustainability test are:

Content lives forever – SEO is inextricably linked to content marketing, and therefore any content you produce can theoretically live forever and consequently continue to generate web traffic. As a result, even long after the content is created, you can still call or email you regarding your legal counsel without having to do anything. That is the definition of sustainable.

Search Engine Rankings Last Longer – A high search ranking is almost always guaranteed to result in a steady stream of web traffic and, consequently, a steady stream of prospects and leads for your law firm. If such a high ranking is achieved, you could theoretically stop all SEO activity and your website will keep ranked for some time into the future. The smart thing, however, would be to continue what is already working.

Combination with search engine marketing – Search engine marketing (SEM) is paid advertising that takes place either in search engines or on various websites. For example, it could be the paid ads that you see at the top or bottom of a search engine results page, or it could be the banner ads that you see on various websites on the web.

SEM could easily take the lead in the fastest new customer acquisition, but it wouldn’t be the cheapest or most sustainable way to go. However, combining SEO efforts with limited SEM efforts could hugely boost your ability to attract new customers.

SEO, for all of its advantages, is not without its drawbacks, including the fact that it can often take a long time to show results, you often have little or no control over the type of awareness your business has, and you can never be guaranteed the specific type the desired results.

As small law firm leaders acknowledge, one of the biggest challenges small law firms face is growing their business and attracting new clients. It doesn’t matter what legal form or legal area your law firm operates in, sustainable business development practices are essential.

The sustainability of a properly managed SEO strategy can help your company attract new customers – inexpensively and regardless of the size or specialty of your company.

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Kanayo Okwuraiwe is a digital marketing professional with 17 years of experience in the industry. He is also the founder of Telligent Marketing LLC, a digital marketing company that provides legal SEO and other services to help law firms grow their law firms. Connect with Kanayo on Linkedln.