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Zylo introduces managed providers to assist clients undertake subtle SaaS administration practices

INDIANAPOLIS, August 10, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Zylo, the leading enterprise SaaS management platform, today announced the launch of its newest offering, Zylo Managed Services.

With Zylo Managed Services, companies gain access to experienced consultants who can quickly set up world-class SaaS management processes to free up companies’ IT and procurement resources. Zylo consultants use the company’s SaaS management platform to set up and maintain a system of records and negotiate SaaS agreements on behalf of customers.

“SaaS management has become a critical business requirement. However, most companies don’t have the resources or expertise to do everything, ”said Eric Christopher, Co-Founder and CEO of Zylo. “With our managed services offerings, we use our SaaS expertise to support customers in new ways so that they can get the most out of our technology and achieve first-class SaaS management and ROI in their company.”

Zylo Managed Services are available through Zylo and a select group of consulting partners. Zylo offers two managed services packages:

  • Zylo SaaS Manager, who provides experienced SaaS management consultants to set up and maintain internal business processes and recording systems for companies’ SaaS solutions.
  • Zylo SaaS Negotiator who provides an experienced SaaS negotiator to fully outsource your SaaS contract and commercial negotiations.

Zylo first introduced these offerings to customers in early 2021 and has already acquired a significant number of customers who have reported up to eight times the return on investment from using the company’s combined service and software offering.

“With Zylo Managed Services, I was able to quickly build a mature SaaS management process so that we could reduce risk and increase savings, particularly through the contract negotiation offer,” said Greg Karp-Neufeld, IT director at Curology. “It more than covered our costs for Zylo’s platform and services in just a few weeks.”

To learn more about Zylo, visit https://zylo.com/.

About Zylo
Zylo’s mission is to empower companies to capitalize on the rapid growth of SaaS by controlling costs and risks while improving employee effectiveness. With visibility into SaaS spend and usage, Zylo provides a comprehensive SaaS record-keeping system that enables business leaders to identify, optimize and control their SaaS investments. As a leading provider of SaaS management solutions, companies around the world trust Zylo to give employees easy access to secure and compliant applications while reducing operational costs. You can find more information at https://zylo.com/.

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